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Secret Service Flashed Lights on Floor for Hillary Leaving Debate - Parkinson Proof

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Back in August we thought Hillary’s handler had a “Diazepam auto-injector pen”. We reported on it, twice, once here and second here. FALSE! It turns out it was only a flashlight. NOT a Diazepam pen! We apologize for the mistake but it was simply the best explanation we could come up with at the time. The Diazepam pen theory wasn’t our theory, it was originally started by Mike Cernovich and then pushed forward by Paul Joseph Watson and others from Inforwars and The Gateway Pundit.

But now SAME Paul Joseph Watson discovered that it wasn’t a Diazepam pen and it was just a flashlight. This does not meant that Hillary doesn’t have Parkinson’s Disease. On the contrary. After further studies we found out that pointer flashlights are commonly used for Parkinson patients to guide them when they have freezing episodes.

In the tunnel to Clinton’s vehicle after the debate, Secret Service used pointer flash lights pointing at the ground in front of Clinton’s feet (watch carefully) in order to guide Hillary through the tunnel to/into her vehicle.

Hillary entered the opposite (hidden side) of vehicle so the camera cannot see her entry.

Pointer or Laser lights are used for Parkinson’s patients.

Dr. Ted Noel discussed pointers used for Parkinson’s patients in a recent video (go to minute 4:39):

Note, Trump’s later departure through the tunnel to his vehicle was not accompanied by the use of such Secret Service pointer flash lights.

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