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Rude Flint Pastor Who Interrupted Trump Exposed, Posted Pre-Plan On Facebook

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On Wednesday Rev. Faith Green Timmons of the Bethel United Methodist Church interrupted Donald Trump during his speech at her church in Flint, Michigan.

Pastor Timmons asked Donald Trump to refrain from attacking Hillary Clinton in her church.

But prior to his visit to the church Pastor Timmons posted her intentions on Facebook.

She said,

“Today is the day! We have a chance to show DONALD TRUMP than this nation is filled with intelligent, wise black citizens of integrity many of whom live right here in FLINT, MICHIGAN. What he will see is how we are braving a man-made catastrophe. HE WILL NOT USE US, WE will EDUCATE HIM!!!“

Oh, and she’s an OBAMA SUPPORTER!

You can see rude Pastor Faith Green Timmons interrupting and “educating Trump” at minute 4:15


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  • sileceal

    A true disgrace to the Methodist Church. BUT will Methodists push back? (rhetorical)

  • AndreaNY

    She cannot see past her own nose.. typical

  • EM Burke

    Trump was asked to the church to talk about Flint, not campaign. He was appropriately shut down by the pastor, as he was disrespectful. Someone has got this story quite wrong. Just because the pastor may support Hilary is no reason to assume she was the person who was rude.

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