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Roger Stone Exposes Hillary Clinton Will be Replaced by Obama

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Poor Hillary, or maybe not. Maybe it was the plan all along. Put up Sick Hillary as the nominee. Then, at the last minute, pull a bait and switch and put Michelle Obama in her place but it won’t work. Why? Well who accumulated more debt than all previous presidents combined? The Obamas. America is near bankruptcy because of that.

As we listen to Michelle Obama speak and the response of the brainwashed idiot Democrat white college women screaming in the audience “four more years”, we’re absolutely sure,t his was the plan all along.

Roger Stone warned us BEFORE Michelle Obama gave her first campaign speech but we decided not to give any credence to it so we didn’t post the story. Now that we saw Michelle Obama coming out to give her first speech just 3 days after Roger Stone warned us, it means Roger was right! The tip of the iceberg is those stupid women screaming “Four More Years!”. Chances are they were PLANTED in there to create a fake fuss about it and a imaginary demand for “more Obama”.

Most of the alternative media, including us, were speculating about other possible replacements: Tim Kaine, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders but no one would suspect Michelle Obama. Then Roger Stone

Roger Stone told Alex Jones during the 13 September 2016 interview: “My source who is a high-level and prominent Democrat tells me that they would go to Michelle Obama. They can’t resist the feminist wing of their party, these women are salivating over the first woman president even if its Hillary and therefore they would brook no descension from the feminists by choosing Michelle Obama.”

Roger Stone told the same thing to Steve Malzberg of Newsmax TV on same day, 13 September 2016. Its interesting that only 3 days later, on 16 September 2016, Michelle Obama held her first speech and at the end of her speech, Democrats were shouting “Four More Years!”

In this speech, Michelle promises to campaign full time, from now till election day, “for Hillary Clinton”. It was embarrassing for Hillary and normally she shouldn’t take Michelle with her anymore if the Dems are screaming that they want Michelle instead of Hillary but you watch, she’ll continue to rally for Hillary and hurt her because this was the plan. Michelle also said that she can’t believe her and her husband’s time in the White House is almost over. After the Democrat plants shouted a pre-planned “four more years” chant, she added: “but let me say this, you have me and Barack working on your behalf for the rest of our lives, so no need to worry, we’re gonna be here.”

Scumbags! The Democrats are vile evil vicious cunning pre-planning scumbags. Unbelievable! But don’t worry, Trump would win in an even larger landslide against Michelle Obama than against Hillary Clinton.

Also by having Roger Stone exposing this plan before it even happened, this will not only affect Michelle Obama but the entire Democratic Party which will be exposed and labeled as a vicious snake. Roger Stone was right! Again…

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