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Operation Ronces: France Prepares For “Civil War” Against Muslims

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French authorities are preparing for “civil war” against Muslims in order to “clean up” the country, according to prominent author Éric Zemmour, who claims a high placed government source told him of the plan.

Franco-Algerian Zemmour gave an interview with French radio station RTL during which he revealed details of a program called “Operation Ronces,” developed in coordination with the Israeli Army based on their experiences in Gaza.

The French government has been secretly preparing for a “civil war” against Muslims as a way to “clean up” the country in response to numerous riots and terror attacks in recent years, claims Zemmour, who characterizes the plan as a “new reconquista on their own soil”.

According to Speisa, Zemmour says “his source is high in the French command”.

Zemmour, who was a reporter for Le Figaro and appears as a guest on French current affairs shows, is a controversial figure and a strong opponent of immigration.

Zemmour’s warning is echoed by Patrick Calvar, who is the head of the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI). Calvar told members of a French parliamentary commission earlier this summer that France was “on the brink of civil war”.

As we reported back in July, following the Nice truck attack, Jonathan Miller, who is an elected council member in the French village of Caux, said that the attack had “shaken France to the brink of a terrifying escalation” and that citizens were responding by joining gun clubs.

As we also highlighted last year, French security forces are also preparing for mass civil unrest and radicalized immigrants taking over entire neighborhoods, according to intelligence sources.

Last week, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that new terror attacks in France were inevitable and that 15,000 Islamists who are already living in the country were in the process of being radicalized.


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4 Responses to " Operation Ronces: France Prepares For “Civil War” Against Muslims "

  1. angrywhiteman says:


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  2. SGTSTEDENKO2 says:


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  3. LewGD says:

    Bullshit, French will not do anything, and especially not with Israeli “help”. Israeli IsraAID, as it had been reported on this website is helping “refugees” to go to Europe. Also no way that something like that could happen in France where two thirds of Froggers are on the Hollande’s or Sarkozy’s side.

    Remember what AshkeNAZI scoundrel Sarkozy preached and even threatened French people –

    This one to French people – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44vzMNG2fZc – 00:04:00 – 00:04:23 in 2008 when he was president –

    “Race mixing enriches society, consanguinity destroys it. The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding. The challenge of racial interbreeding that faces us in the 21st Century… Great replacement…What is the goal… The goal is to meet the (EU) challenge of interracial marriages. It’s not a choice, It’s an obligation. If voluntarism does not work for the republic, then the state will move in with measures that are more coercive. We must change, therefore we will change”

    Or this one in UN 2009:

    “The United Nations should avail itself as an instrument for a “NEW WORLD ORDER of the 21st century… 2009 can be the year of the birth of a new capitalism, of a NEW WORLD ORDER … I call all government, no one of us will be safe making its own politic individually isolated of what the others are doing. We will go together towards this NEW WORLD ORDER, and NOBODY, I’m well telling that NOBODY will be able to oppose himself against it. Because around the world, THE FORCES BEING ON DUTY FOR THE CHANGE are considerably stronger than the conservatisms, the immobilizm and the opposition to progress”

    France needs Military putsch, something Algiers putsch of 1961 (Generals’ putsch) did against de Gaulle. This time it has to be successful if something like this would ever happen, which I doubt.

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  4. skreamer says:

    Get fucked! Your leaders let them in, then they say prepare for civil war!!!!!
    Do you think you have been set up?
    Kill all your leaders….then this shit well sort itself out nicely!

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