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NBC Gaming The Optics With Custom Podium To Enlarge Hillary Clinton’s Stature and Visibility

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There was some discussion last week about how NBC would try to physically aid candidate Hillary Clinton’s optics with a custom designed debate platform intended to give the viewer the a false illusion of scale and scope.

Well, it appears that NBC has done exactly that.

A comparison of both debate podiums reflects that one is visibly larger, and taller, than the other; and a debate standing platform is evident as the stage is being set up.

However, I wouldn’t worry too much about the commission and NBC predictably gaming the optics to benefit Clinton. Additionally, it’s good to see Bannon and Bossie both on inspection duty…

Anyone who has every been involved in competitive debate forums (think Oxford vs Cambridge) knows how the home team (NBC/Clinton) works all the angles. [Not just figurative angles, literal optical camera angles].


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  • Rick Ziggy

    Hillary Clinton has a Wiki surprise coming at her for the 2nd debate in October, like a truck with its high beam on and she will look like a jack rabbit when the collision of Wiki revelations hits her. She lied to Congress who represent WE THE PEOPLE. My advice to Hillary – resign or face the truck, there will be tire marks across the whole lying length of your tongue and you will collapse like Tower 7, which collapsed from within. Billy boy may have rescued you from the FBI but will not be able to rescue you from the facts nor will you need to plead the 5th again because the whole world will know the truth and the disgrace that you perpetrated in your official role as Secretary of State particularly the speaking fees at the expense of the American economy.

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