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Mexico's President Niete Apologizes to US President Trump during Meeting

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Donald Trump has officially become the 45th President of the United States with his presidential visit to Mexico City where he met the current president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto to discuss about the bilateral relationship between the United States of America and Mexico. During their private conversation and their joint press conference, they have discussed about the current illegal immigration problems, the economy, trade, jobs, drug cartels, weapons and money. Mexico’s president Nieto told the next US president, Donald Trump that even though they may disagree on some issues, his presence in Mexico shows that the 2 countries have common ground and their countries partnership is important to both of them.

President Nieto admitted that the wall is necessary and beneficial for both countries to stop the illegal flow of weapons and millions of dollars from the United States which strengthen drug cartels in Mexico, making the Mexican Police’s job harder to end these drug gangs due to being armed to the teeth and well funded. Nieto suggested that once their cash money, weapons and ammo supply from the US is ended, it will be much easier for the Mexican authorities to seize and arrest them. Once arrested, the drug smuggling from Mexico to the US will end too.

Mexican president Nieto then moved on to talk about the illegal immigrants who nowadays mostly come from other South American countries instead of Mexico itself. Mexico recently began a crackdown and a wall construction on its southern border to cut the illegal flow of immigrants from Guatemala.

The two presidents agreed on the importance of trade and keeping the jobs in their hemisphere rather losing endless number of jobs to China which has become a world factory which now produces almost everything, from iPhones to HP printers, clothes, home appliances, car parts, food and just about anything you can imagine, causing a skyrocketing joblessness in both USA and Mexico.

President Trump says that the overall conversation was great and constructive and that he was honored to have his first meeting with the Mexican president in what will be a long list of more meetings and conversations in the future. During the meeting, both presidents didn’t discuss about who is going to pay for the wall but they did agree that NAFTA, which is a 22-years old trade agreement, needs an update in order to benefit both countries equally.

At the end of the press conference Mexico’s President Nieto subtly apologized to Donald Trump, saying that there have been misinterpretations or out of context statements which unfortunately have hurt or impacted the Mexican people in terms of the perception of US President Trump, but he is certain that Trump meant no harm and in fact he wants to improve the living conditions of both Americans and Mexicans.

Nieto added that he is “certain that his [Trump’s] genuine interest is to build a relationship that might lead us to provide both our societies better conditions”.

During his speech, President Nieto also pointed out twice that he also invited Hillary Clinton but she snubbed his invitation. Hillary probably didn’t go to Mexico because the press was in the room and everyone knows she’s scared of being flashed by a press camera because it might trigger another seizure. Today is day 271 since she had a press conference while Trump had 16 press conferences this year, which is about 2 per month. Hillary is trying to portray Trump as an “isolationist” while she won’t talk to anyone except fund raisers.

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