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Horrorshow: All Appointed Presidential Debate Moderators are Anti-Trump Leftists

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Let’s face it. There is no pushback against the leftist onslaught in America today.

The Republican Party is weak, ineffective and a failed organization.

Once again committed leftist reporters will moderate ALL of the presidential debates. NOT ONE is Trump friendly.

The Examiner reported:

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the moderators of the three presidential debates Friday, along with details about what formats those debates would include.

Lester Holt of NBC News is slated to moderate the first debate on Sept. 26, followed by Martha Raddatz of ABC News and Anderson Cooper of CNN as moderators of the second, town-hall-style debate on Oct. 9. Debate moderator Martha Raddatz even had Barack Obama at her wedding yet she claims “had nothing to do with VP debate performance”. Riiiight! And we believe it because we’re all babies born yesterday!

Chris Wallace of Fox News will moderate the third presidential debate on Oct. 19.

Elaine Quijano of CBS will moderate the lone vice-presidential debate on Oct. 4.

Read more on this travesty here.

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    desperation ,they have thrown EVERYTHING at him to no effect TRUMP 2016!!!!!

  • Anita

    So what one will open with a bull chit question no one cares about attacking Trump this time?

  • LarryNC

    Yes, and Trump will still win! I really hope that a Trump administration and his appointees to the FBI and the Justice Department, prosecute Hillary and ALL of her co-conspirators. They all need to be doing very serous time in a real prison, not some kind of country club prison.

    • Steve Vee

      I know a nice prison that has just about been emptied out this year in the Cuba area that would probably have just the right amount of room.

  • Ruth Tait

    How is this fair and balanced. I hope Donald Trump puts these idiots in their place. They disgust me and are biased.



  • Mitchell Hyde

    Fret not, my fellow snowflakes of fragility, just as we have witnessed the media bias throughout this campaign, the slanderous attempts at Donald trump for speaking more like you and I than a politician would, we will once again witness the bias in these debates, however, it will be seen as something that will favor Trump………..a vendetta to get the woman who needs to shout RICOLA sooner than later, and will make some undecided voters understand the bias and hatred going on towards Trump. It will make people smart enough to see it, smart enough to hear the disdain towards Trump, and the ease of kid gloves towards Clinton. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but there are too many people that have been taking notes, and adding up the tally sheets. These debates will decide just how badly the elite want Clinton to win. It is like one of the islands in the Caribbean………….

    • Victor Albright

      WELL SAID! I left a similar comment in FB when this was forwarded to me. This is proving to be a WATERSHED period in American Politics, and they will NEVER be the same!

      For years I, and probably millions of Fellow Americans, have been waiting for somebody from OUTSIDE our poorly orchestrated political system, a bi-partisan system fraught with dishonesty and corruption…. Many of us thought we had a shot of getting a breath of fresh air with Perot in 1992, but all we did was take a large proportion of swing votes, along with a pile of disgruntled Republican votes and throw them overboard, landing Clinton the win…. as many said, “wasting our votes”…

      Now, over two decades later, there lurks a HUGE change in the minds of many voters…. due to recent events, a large portion of registered Democrats who normally vote the party line are seeing things that are causing them to lose faith in their party… many are resigning from the Party, and many more are saying that they will not vote for Clinton because of all the disturbing news being brought out in the light.

      Never in my recollection has a Presidential Candidate faced so many accusations this far into a campaign, where now the rebuttals, counter-claims, and attacks toward her opponent are sounding increasingly weak and desperate. There is no way I can envision Hillary winning this election fairly.

      Our Country is at a point where we desperately need a man like Trump to fill the Presidency…. we NEED somebody who is self-made, and maybe just a little arrogant in a positive sense to allot of us, but most importantly CANNOT be bought or led by the nose by any political party or their idealists, because they are NOT part of their system! One of the ploys of the Clinton campaign has been to loudly proclaim Trump’s “lack of experience”, but I see that trait as one of his greatest assets, as do many others who are SO tired of the status quo!

      And now, the greatest upset of them all… Many Black and Hispanic Voters are WAKING UP to the FACT that the Democratic Party has been full of hot air and rhetoric, but very little by way of positive results for OVER FORTY YEARS! How sad is it when you see a video where a 31YO BLM proponent is trying to talk down a 16YO Black male and his friends on immigration, yelling in the young man’s face that Melina Trump is an illegal alien because she was born in Europe, proving Trump is a hypocrite; and not understanding what the young Trump supporter and his friends tried to explain at least three times: that she isn’t an illegal Immigrant: that she applied for and became a US Citizen through legal Immigration procedures. The BLM protester couldn’t grasp the concept that you could immigate legally through an established system!

      As more and more people enlighten themselves, relying less on mass media and seeking smaller, less opinionated news sources, there is going to be a huge paradigm shift in news collection and dissemination. I personally think that Op-Ed type “news” sources such as MSNBC will be dead and smaller, more vibrant and verifiable news sources, mainly those that grow throughout the Internet and earn reputations as reliable, accurate, and trustworthy networks; as opposed to the news “spun” through many American networks by “Anchors” skilled at twisting the story into a politically motivated one.

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