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Hillary's Ex-Miss Universe Alicia Machado Exposed - She's A BEAUTY!

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On Monday night Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of being an insensitive boor for “fat-shaming” Miss Universe Alicia Machado while she was Miss Universe in 1996.

Machado was representing the Miss Universe pageant at the time, which Trump owned.

Alicia Machado is a real BEAUTY both literally and figuratively.

Machado claimed that she felt humiliated when she was photographed exercising at a gym with Trump watching. He said Tuesday that ‘she gained a massive amount of weight’.

In 1998 Alicia Machado was accused of driving her boyfriend from the scene of a murder attempt, at a woman’s funeral. She just admitted on CNN that she was part of a murder 20 years ago.

In Venezuela, her native country, Alicia Machado is a WANTED FELON, accused of being an accomplice to murder and threatening to kill a Judge. The US authorities refuse to expatriate her because they have no diplomatic relations with Venezuela which is currently on US Sanctions list.

She was also a porn actress featuring in many videos, some of which you can even watch online on adult video websites similar to YouTube. “Still Di**ing Bimbos” Bill Clinton probably slept with her.

“Exotic” Alicia Machado, is also the first Miss Universe to pose naked for Playboy, shows off the underpinnings of her victory.

She was on a reality TV show in Spain called ‘La Granja,’ Big Brother, where she was caught on film having sex with a Spanish actor. She cucked her then boyfriend she had, named Bob Abreu who was a baseball player back in Venezuela. This was on the second season of La Granja in 2005. She was the reason Big Brother failed in Spain. It was a great controversy. Anyways, the information is clearly not available on English websites.

And if she lost weight and she’s hot now, if anything, she should THANK Donald Trump!

Ohh and one more thing, Alicia is a Mexican Drug Lord’s baby mama and she even has a baby that is fathered by him.

She’s a gold mine! A real BEAUTY yet Hillary decided to use her. Tells you a lot about the Clintons, doesn’t it?

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