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Hillary Clinton Loses Her Voice in Epic Cleveland Coughing Fit

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What is it with Hillary’s health? Today, while campaigning in Cleveland, Ohio with Tim Kaine, Hillary had ANOTHER coughing attack! She suffered for a coughing fit for more than 4 minutes where she lost her voice almost completely, then she had a really bad voice for the rest of the 15 minutes out of her total 20 minutes speech.

Clinton took several swigs from a tall glass of water and eventually unwrapped and put in her mouth a pill, presumably a throat lozenge, in her efforts to put a stop to her coughing fit.

Other people were giving her cough drops and all that other while Tim Kaine can be seen laughing in the back. Sure Tim is happy, if Hillary gets elected and she dies after a short while, then he’s gonna be the president, he’s got all the reasons to laugh and be joyful. What a sick bastard!

Hillary Clinton was trying to divert away from her sickness by making classless “jokes”, saying that she’s “allergic to Trump”. She was trying to sound cute and funny for the controlled mainstream media and yup, it worked. CNN immediately excused her with biased stories such as this one for example: Clinton during coughing fit: ‘Every time I think about Trump I get allergic’

Ohh that was so cute and funny, she’s allergic to Trump, don’t worry about her health people, she’s as healthy as an ox! She can open an already opened jar of pickles which didn’t pop on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

Unfortunately the people weren’t shocked by Hillary’s bad health and they were shouting “Hillary” in support, like the good sheep they are.

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3 Responses to " Hillary Clinton Loses Her Voice in Epic Cleveland Coughing Fit "

  1. skreamer says:

    The clone is so stoned!……it needs to use a vaporizer and not a bong! Bongs always make you cough like that the first time you use them! But the clone actually makes a joke!…….marijuana must help clones….that must be why they legalizing it!….so many clones!
    But its still a clone, meaning the real Hillary is dead, her consciousness is on a chip!
    So it needs a good 50,000 volts for about 5 minutes…that should work!

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  2. SGTSTEDENKO2 says:

    Fucking DIE already!

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  3. SGTSTEDENKO2 says:

    MY money is on the Blood clot .

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