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Hillary Clinton Has Coughing Fit While On Campaign Plane in Front of Media

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Hillary had ANOTHER coughing fit just a few moments ago while she was talking some nonsense about Putin and the aliens which Trump presumably has allied himself with. She said: “Trump made it clear that he doesn’t particularly care whether Putin and the intelligence services attacked American institutions, so can I get some water? cough cough cough… I’ll be right back…”. Is this woman on heroin? Putin attacking American institutions? As for Trump’s careness, ummm last time we checked, it was YOU Hillary who didn’t care, that’s why you ran your unsecured basement server meant for bribing and other dirty work! She exposed government secrets to possible foreign attacks but yes its Trump’s fault when you’re on drugs, just like Trump was at fault when she had her previous coughing fit in Cleveland Ohio! This vile witch accused Trump for her coughing seizures, she said she’s “allergic to Trump”. Ladies and gentlemen, the witch is dying right before our eyes!

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had to break off her gaggle with the traveling press on her campaign plane Monday afternoon after another coughing fit. Earlier in Cleveland Clinton had a strong coughing fit that forced her to struggle to give a Labor Day address. As usual the media is totally protecting her, not a single mention from almost anyone. Complete silence… Even though there were multiple cameras shooting her coughing seizure, not one single media channel published any video on YouTube. Not even FOX News.

Clinton returned to the press after several minutes, water bottle in hand according to tweets by ABC News reporter Liz Kreutz.

“Hillary Clinton gaggling with reporters as we fly from Cleveland to the Quad Cities”

“Clinton made statements about her new book & Russia/hacking, and then took 7 questions from reporters before excusing herself bc of a cough.”

“Plane has landed — and Clinton (water in hand) has just come back to finish the gaggle”

“”One thing you know from my doctor letter is I have seasonal allergies,” Clinton joked after returning to the gaggle following her cough”

“HRC’s 1st press avail on her plane lasted roughly 20 min (longer than any gaggle this year) & included roughly 12 Qs on wide range of topics”

Her mysterious witch doctor who poses as a Secret Service agent, who is always around Hillary and carries some sort of quick injections which some have speculated to be Parkinson anti-seizure pens, immediately jumped in to snatch Hillary away from the press. We previously thought that after he was massively exposed by the Alternative Media such as us, the EUTimes, she fired her witch doctor because we haven’t seen him in a while now but look who’s back! Most likely he was never gone, they just hid him better, kept him away from public eyes.


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2 Responses to " Hillary Clinton Has Coughing Fit While On Campaign Plane in Front of Media "

  1. skreamer says:

    Everyone needs to chill out!……..The clone just had a bong and is coughing, because the Hillary clone has never had a bong before! …..its fresh out of the cloning chamber!…..der!
    You can see the little clones eyes go red and she starts to feel all groovy! Then she goes back and has a drink cause she getting the dry horrors! The whole time clone has a little smirk on its face cause its high as a kite!

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  2. SGTSTEDENKO2 says:

    At least we still have the Blood clot on our side .

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