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Hillary Clinton Collapses At 9/11, Media, Dem Party Discredited for Lying

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Hillary Clinton has suffered a major medical emergency as she collapsed like a rock and even lost a shoe under her Scooby Van while she boarded, during her visit at 9/11 Ground Zero. As usual the media is defending her, saying that she only “overheated” and “dehydrated”. We told you for months now that she is in bad health. Dozens of well qualified doctors and world renowned doctors came out and spoke the truth about her condition but the lamestream media kept lying and protected her. They kept spewing hundreds of fabricated stories where they claimed Hillary was allergic to pollen despite having LOW pollen counts in Ohio during her coughing fits! She even rides in a freaking ambulance. What more do you want?

Some people even noticed a mysterious metal piece dropping from her pants. What could it be? It has long been speculated that she may be having a colostomy bag. Could it actually be that she is also having a permanent colostomy bag under her pantsuits? No one knows yet, but it’s quite odd.

Now her doctor finally came out and said that Hillary has pneumonia. Ohh so it wasn’t the pollen after all. Why the hell does any single person keeps watching the garbage media after this? Why would you watch propaganda CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc?? You may as well subscribe to The Onion if you like fake stories so much. Her condition might be greater than pneumonia but even so, did you see that orchestrated scene with the little girl? Did Hillary just expose the girl to her pneumonia bacteria?

The media is totally discredited now. They’ve done it to themselves. The Democratic Party is now also totally discredited and disqualified as well. It should be banned from even participating in these elections due to concealing Hillary’s health. Everyone in the Democratic leadership is aware of her illness yet everyone is pretending she’s fine. Is this a party which you would want to lead the 20 trillion in debt USA? The level of corruption is unbelievable among the Dems. Tim Kaine is useless, a puppet who bankrupted his state of Virginia.

Scumbag Bernie Sanders allowed Hillary to steal the nomination from him. Now he’s campaigning for her. He’s a traitor to the millions of dumb voters who supported him in the first place without knowing they are supporting a traitor and a sellout.

Now there are reports about an emergency DNC meeting to replace Hillary Clinton!?!? Replace her with who exactly? The people voted for her not for “the replacement”. Well in fact they voted for Bernie and she stole the votes but Bernie is disqualified. He is a sellout and traitor. Besides he’s freaking 75 years old and a communist socialist who would turn the US into Venezuela v2.0. Besides he’s also a Jew… He too could die any day now. Definitely not fit to be the president at that age. Everything aside, the entire Democratic Party is disqualified for what they did with Hillary. They promoted her despite knowing she’s in bad health. They stole the elections for her, they bribed and threatened the lamestream media to write only pro-Hillary and anti-Trump propaganda “news”. The Dems must be punished these elections by voting with GOP. Let them know you won’t tolerate being treated like stupid brainwashed sheep. So what? Let them replace her… it would be a good thing, in the end by doing such a thing many will see that they have been lied to when the media and the Dems told them Hillary is fine. They will basically expose themselves. Their best bet is probably to continue the masquerade and pretend shes still fine, act like nothing happened, continue with the lying and concealing. That too may not work for them, as Scott Adams put it: “The race for President is probably over after Hillary’s collapse.”

Donald Trump refused to comment on Hillary’s recent collapse. He was probably scared of more media backlash so he intelligently decided to stay out of it. The propaganda media can’t wait for Trump to make a single small mistake or “incendiary” comment then they would roll it for days, weeks, months. In fact instead of reporting on Hillary’s collapsing incident, they would have reported on what “evil, nazi, irresponsible, racist, Putin agent, buffoon, clown, ill tempered, sexist, xenophone, Islamophobe, bigot, etc.” Trump said (plus many other disgusting childish names used by the media to describe Trump).

We said it before we’ll say it again, the media moguls need to be locked up for brainwashing, propaganda, manipulation and obstruction of justice by defending crimes. If Trump wins, he needs to issue mass arrests at CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, etc. You simply can’t manipulate and persuade public opinion the way you want to when we’re talking about the presidency. Its basically a form of cheating. It’s not the medias job to force people into believing and voting the way they want to, through constant 24h/24h brainwashing propaganda.

According to AP, Hillary Clinton canceled her campaign events following Ground Zero collapse. She later called off plans to fly to California on Monday morning for two days of fundraising, campaign events and an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.

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