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Hillary Clinton Caught with Wheelchair Lift in her Scooby Van by Paparazzi Photos

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Holy mother of Jesus…. now its finally official! Hillary Clinton is very sick, her health seems to be aggravating really fast! She now has a wheelchair and a lift in her “Scooby Van” which is basically a tuned ambulance but the mainstream media keeps telling us that she’s as healthy as an ox because she opened an already opened jar of pickles which even CNN’s Wolf Blitzer admitted it was faked.

Hillary Clinton has a wheelchair lift on her rigged up van.

Hillary Clinton held a fundraiser with billionaire elites and Cher in North Haven, New York this past week.

She wore pajamas to the event.

If you take a closer look at her van from The New York Times article you can clearly see the wheelchair lift.

Yup. It’s a wheelchair lift.

Her Secret Service almost always carry an extra-step with them to help madam sick Hillary

Now we finally know why back in April 2016 Hillary visited AM General car factory and inspected a MV-1 Luxury Wheelchair van for disabled people… in her photos we can see that she looked very interested in the van. She was probably looking to upgrade her current Chevrolet Express 1500 “Scooby van” which is currently used as an ambulance by many hospitals and which is too obvious to the public eyes.

So once again, Team Clinton is seemingly confirming the “Sick Hillary” rumors that continue to run rampant via the Alternative Media.

#HillarysWheelchair is now trending on Twitter.


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    All it want to see are her Autopsy photos .

  • visionofficer

    Visions of FDR with Harry Hopkins running the government. I wonder if Valerie Jarrett is coming with the White House. I also wonder how much of the $1.7 billion sent to Iran has been kicked back to the Obama “Foundation.” The criminal activity in DC is stunning.

  • valleygirl1981

    Thank God for the Paparazzi.

  • L Magoon

    As much as I’d love to believe it, that montage of 3 vans? They’re 3 different vans (compare the color, bumpers, parking lights), and none of them is the scooby van (compare the side windows). What is the point and what does it have to do with anything?

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