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Have No Fear, Cancer Treatment is Finally Here!

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In this article we will discuss about the real treatment and prevention of cancer. Do not despair, you are not going to die if you follow our guide and carefully read this article. Yes its a lengthy article but when your life is at stake its worth the read.

For almost a century now, the Jewish mafia organized criminal pharmaceutical industry has wiped any real cancer treatments, of which there are plenty. Yes you read it right, there are multiple treatments, not just one and they all work and yes you read it correctly, the Pharmaceutical and Medical Mafia is Jewish at its very core. Doctors such as Morris Fishbein who was a editor at the Journal of the American Murder Association, lead fierce battles against any type of alternative cancer cures even in the early 1950s when there was little to no understanding of cancer at all. Back then, doctors should have given every single claim of a cancer cure, a chance and thoroughly study it but they didn’t and it only goes to show that their goal is for people to get cancer out of pure hatred against the white European goyims and of course for making lots of money out of quackery masquerading as “PROGRESSIVE SCIENTIFIC MODERN MEDICINE”. Alternative homeopathic medicines has been treated by the Jewish-ran allopathic industry as if they were nazis. It’s an organized criminal mafia, surpassing the notorious Italian mafia by astronomical numbers. The Big Pharma mafia producers offers huge amount of bribes to your local pharmacy, doctor and politician.

This isn’t a conspiracy. I know personal cases where, with friends and even relatives which will not be disclosed because normally they should be in jail for bribery. Big Pharma mafia offered a freaking CAR, yes you heard it, a brand NEW car as a bribe to a small local pharmacy to sell their drugs. My personal doctor is a friend of mine, she receives hundreds of thousands of Euros (or Dollars) in bribes from different pharmaceutical producers, to prescribe different stuff like Zinnat, Augmentin, etc. for example to her patients. Her cabinet nurse gets small scraps as bribes so she keeps her mouth shut. No don’t think for a second this is an isolated case. This is common practice in the medical field and it spreads all the way to your dentist as well which is also infested by the same Jewish medical mafia practice. Politicians never seem to regulate the medical mafia. Ever wondered why? Just search on Bing.com (we can’t no longer recommend Google due to search results censorship and manipulation) for “Pharmaceutical Bribery” and see for your self. Just last month for example, the Novartis execs in South Korea were indicted for bribing doctors. In India, back in July 2016, the minister of corporate affairs was arrested after he was caught taking bribes from a pharmaceutical company Elder Pharmaceuticals. Back in April 2016, the Chinese company director of Hefei Tianxing Pharmaceutical was also arrested for giving bribes to doctors and pharmacies. These are just a few example of the unfortunate corrupt bastards who were caught. ALL of them give and take bribes, they just weren’t caught yet. CEO’s don’t do it themselves though, they have their sale agents who offer these bribes to doctors, pharmacists and politicians. Here’s an example of two arrested sale agents from Therapeutics Big Pharma who were arrested in Arizona, US for bribery back in June 2016. Now check this one out. This is not only sad but also funny. Back in 2015 the Romanian prime minister wanted to legalize bribery in the medical field. In May 2016, Greece, the director of the Red Cross, was arrested for being caught taking 3.2 million Euros in bribe from a German pharmaceutical company named Hospitalia International. These are just a few examples, we’re not gonna link too all the thousands of documented Big Pharma bribery arrests. Do your own research. The only conspiracy here is the pharmaceutical mafia bribery, not us exposing it. Again, this is standard practice.

Look, not everybody is a complete crook and a scumbag, these British leading doctors for example probably took enough bribes and they decided they have enough money to live like kings for the rest of their lives, so they are exposing the whole truth now.

Now that you know the mafia tactics which are haunting the medical field, remember that the role of the allopathic medicine is to make big profits and not to save lives. They couldn’t care less about the Hippocratic Oath in which they swear “Practice two things in your dealings with disease: either help or do not harm the patient“. Most are knowingly harming the patients in what is known as “medical error“. The only type of medicine which is focused on Hippocrates’s Oath is the homeopathic medicine. It is the modern allopathic medicine which is quackery and the homeopathic medicine which is the real medicine. Either you are a Christian or a evolutionist, it does not matter. If you believe you are created then you should know that God gave us all the medicine in nature, plants. If you think you evolved from a monkey over an infinite billions upon trillions of years, plants are also the answer. Newsflash your monkey great grandfather ate fruits and cracked open their seeds with stone tools. Sorry they didn’t eat any chemicals for breakfast. Therefore you have evolved to maintain a healthy body through plants not through patented chemical quackery. If you think its so healthy then why not drink a littler of benzine instead of milk everyday? So you see? No matter how you put it, the solution for diseases is found in nature.

If you are all for science and progress, ohh don’t worry, we are too! We love our iPhones, laptops, hoverboards, etc. Just imagine what miracles could be achieved with today’s scientific progress if they were to look into nature’s plants for medicine… Back in the past they didn’t have any microscopes, gene sequencing and so on yet they somehow managed to find cures for many things, not for everything obviously, but for many. Considering the times….? I say it’s quite something! Now today, the medical mafia doesn’t even want to take a look at plants, they immediately rebuke any plant healing properties. Yes, ANY plants. Even common knowledge plants such as Chinese Green Tea or Plums for constipation. Nope they would rather want you to buy their chemical patented pharmaceutical drugs instead such as Dulcolax. Of course they would, why wouldn’t they? Do you want a wart or a skin tag removed? God forbid, don’t use Greater Celandine! Wanna remove a mole?? God forbid you use Bloodroot! Go to the dermatologist, they will fix you up in no time at the price of €200-€500 of course. Nooo don’t use plants, it’s quackery the allopathic doctors say. Uhum! Yeah right! Unfortunately the Jewish medical mafia spends a lot of time and resources on scaremongering the Goyim so it does work, people tend to go to the doctor for anything, they are scared away from Do It Yourself herbal medicine. You wanna known the funny part? Its not enough that you pay money to your dermatologist to remove a wart, you will also be left with a permanent scar from the burning. Greater Celandine will destroy your wart with just a few uses for free and you will have no scar as well. Amazing, isn’t it? But does the medical mafia even take a look at the Greater Celandine? Does it recommend it to you? Have you ever even heard of this plant before? They stubbornly refuse to spend a minute or a single dollar to even study these plants. They rebuke plants instantly without any research whatsoever because even if they discover that they do work, there’s a problem, they can’t patent them to extort you of money. They are appalled that you even had the guts to ask them such a “stupid question”. How can a plant do anything? Of course it doesn’t work, they will say… ohh really? If plants have little to no effect whatsoever, then all of you allophatic doctors should eat a bunch of poisonous mushrooms and go die somewhere and leave us the heck alone. Plants are useless and have no effects you say, right? Then please prove it to us by eating poisonous mushrooms. Prove to us how useless and effectless they are.

The medical mafia must be held accountable for all the murders they did, trialed and sentenced to death, along with their families so that they too could suffer as much as all the families around the world whipped whenever they lost a dear one. Only a strong, clean and uncorrupted leader could achieve such a goal so always be careful on who you vote for. Always vote with nationalist parties.

Debunking Chemotherapy Quackery

Chemotherapy is pure quackery. According to the Big Pharma doctrine, humans are a random formation of chemicals formed by chance over billions of years of evolution, therefore the solution is also chemical. Yeah that’s right, because our daily meals are chemicals, petrol, etc. Even if we evolved for billions of years, we ate plants and meat, not freaking chemicals. Our bodies are adapted to plants. The solutions have always been and will always be found in plants, not in patented chemicals, but again, they don’t care. Chemotherapy is a “therapy” made out of a cocktail of toxic chemicals which are carefully disposed by the medical mafia. They wear biohazard suits when they dispose those chemo “therapy” drugs which are incinerated and melted at high temperatures. Even after those used chemo bags have been incinerated they are still dangerous and hazardous. Yes, that’s how good and healthy they are for you! They will fix you in no time, you will loose all your hair, weight and become a walking skeleton waiting to die. According to most studies, the real survival rate of chemotherapy is 2-3%. Most chemotherapy patients die because of the poison they are putting into their bodies rather than the cancer itself. After starting the use of chemotherapy, patients have about only 3 to 6 months left to live. Only people with strong, out of this world immune systems are able to survive this toxic poisoning session. Chemotherapy almost completely destroys the immune system, healthy cells along with some cancerous cells and even brain cells (neurons). Chemotherapy survivors have reported severe memory loss issues similar to Alzheimer’s Disease. Though its being pushed by Big Pharma as the only best and real “treatment”, “cytostatic” chemos are useless and deadly. Do you have a tendency to rebuke our claims? Ok then, please test them out on yourself, see if you are healthy and without a cancer then go put some chemotherapy drugs in your body. See if you will die or not despite being completely healthy and with no cancer. You will die within a few months despite being healthy and cancer free. 90% guaranteed death! Deniers, you are invited to test those chemos ASAP! On top of that, they are extremely expensive. The medical mafia wants you to get sick of cancer so they can sell you their quackery snake oil known as chemotherapy. Whenever you get sick they rub their hands like the guy in the image. The very inventor of chemotherapy was a Jew from Germany named Paul Ehrlich. After all why not? A chemotherapy session costs about 30.000-60.000 per month.

Debunking Radiotherapy Quackery

This is the funniest “treatment” there is. A sick joke really. You are told by the medical mafia that you shouldn’t go out there in the vile evil nazi Sun because it has evil UV radiations which will kill you in 2 seconds! You must always buy their snake oil sunscreens to “protect” from the evil nazi Sun, yet they believe radiation “therapy” cures cancer! What a sick joke! It should be common knowledge among people that ionizing radiation CAUSES cancer… and it is common knowledge but somehow when people are told by a person with a badge who presents himself as “the authority” (doctor) that it’s good, yes its good, they instantly believe it. When “the authority” doctors say it’s bad, yes its bad, they instantly believe it. Interesting… how people tend to blindly trust “THE AUTHORITY” no matter what they do to them. Most poor suckers who are lured into this quackery are never cured. Survival rate is 0%. It’s not enough that radiotherapy doesn’t cure the cancer, it actually provokes and spreads cancer to other parts of the body… At least with chemo quackery you have a 2-3% survival chance but sorry if you go for radiotherapy then you are a nutcase… For God’s sake, how can it be “safe” when even doing a single X-Ray is super harmful? A X-Ray is exposure to ionizing radiation for just a couple of seconds, all while your doctor and his nurse will safely go outside, far away from those nasty radiations. Now imagine a therapy of minutes or even hours of ionizing radiation. Yes, that will fix it! Go for it! As long as the medical mafia makes money, it’s perfectly “safe”. What’s next? They’re gonna tell us that microwaving in a giant oven is safe and the perfect cure for cancer? As with the case of chemotherapy, radiotherapy was also invented by a Jew from Austria named Leopold Freund.

Debunking Surgery Quackery

There’s not much to debunk here. This is actually the best way to remove a tumor in the allopathic medicine field, but in most cases it will spread as cancer cells will most likely remain in the body. After surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy is usually recommended but people who just used surgery without any followup “treatments” actually had higher chances of survival, depending on the type, stage and location of the cancer of course.

However, remember that surgery removes only the tumor, not the cause. You still need to address the cause which will be described right below.

What is cancer?

Cancer is not really the incurable boogieman disease. In fact its just a banal chronic metabolic disease. Beriberi is a Vitamin B1 deficiency. It took years before it was accepted as a vitamin deficiency. Medics of the time refused to believe. They were convinced it was some virus. Scurvy took millions of lives world-wide. It took over 250 years for a treatment to finally be accepted. Chief Donnacona, a Native Indian gave the Europeans the cure to Scurvy. Jacques Cartier went back to France and told them about the whole deal but no one cared, no one believed him. He was called a quack. Many years later, it was finally admitted that Scurvy is only a Vitamin C deficiency. Pellagra, also a horrendous disease, took many lives until it was finally accepted by the medical mafia as a Vitamin B3 deficiency. Cancer is just another Vitamin deficiency. Its actually quite banal. All you have to do is to stay in the Sun without any type of sunscreen poured on your body, eat fish and eat the seeds of the fruits as God said, to obtain Vitamin B17 or scientifically known as Amygdalin. Apricot seeds, Apple seeds and more are the elixir of anti-cancer. Think twice before throwing those precious seeds away. 200 years from now, the medical mafia might finally accept Cancer as a banal Vitamin B17 deficiency. Until then, you’re on your own, study, read and teach yourself.

Finally, the Cancer Cure is Here!

Unfortunately, there is no 100% survival rate, treatment for Stage 4 cancers, just like there’s no treatment for late-staged Scurvy, but chances are that you will get cured. First we should note that we are NOT the medical mafia and we do not sell any patented thing. There is no money interest in this whatsoever, you will be able to cure yourself for free using herbs and natural stuff that you find in your local forest and waters.

I. External Tumors, Skin Cancer and even Breast Cancer Treatment

Black Salve is the best undisputed cure for external cancers of any type shape or form, including Stage 4 melanomas. Its a ancient Native Indian recipe. Its main ingredient is Bloodroot. On its own this plant will burn through your flesh in no time without any selections whatsoever. It will burn both healthy and unhealthy cells so always use rubber gloves when handling this plant. However when mixed with all the other stuff such as Galangal, Graviola, Chaparral, Zinc Chloride, Glycerin, DMSO and Distilled Water, it will only selectively attack abnormal tissues such as moles or other under the skin cancers. Black Salve will attack and destroy the abnormal tissue and infest its roots with the substance. The immune system which previously thought that the malignant mole was normal tissue because of having the same DNA signature, will immediately kick in and identify the black salve infested melanoma as a threat. Your immune system will work tirelessly to completely eradicate, destroy and flush out that external melanoma. Some people have went so far to recommend black salve for internal usage. We strongly don’t advise you to do such a thing because there are other better solutions for internal usage. Black Salve survival rate for skin cancer is up to 100% even with Stage 4 cancers. There are no known deaths from people who used Black Salve. There are many Youtube videos with people who got diagnosed by their dermatologists with skin cancer who opted to use Black Salve instead of Surgery and Chemotherapy. Videos dating back to 2010. It’s been 6 years, as we are in 2016. Yes it works, their accounts are still active, they still post videos on Youtube. They are alive and well after treating skin cancer with Black Salve. You can either make it yourself with the above ingredients or you can buy it from the internet. There are many brands of Black Salve and not all Black Salves are made equal. Some are better than others but unfortunately we can’t recommend one because as I said before, we don’t sell or promote anything. We just genuinely wish you well and hope you get back in good health. If you are going to research into Black Salve, know in advance from us that the medical mafia FDA has labeled it as quackery and snake oil because it poses a serious threat to their chemotherapy quackery. Sure the FDA didn’t invent and put out the chemos but they do get their money from Big Pharma, so don’t worry. There is a small bunch of “debunking” videos on youtube but its interesting that none of them ever tried or used Black Salve. They just comment like idiots without any actual proof. However, the number of videos in support of Black Salve from people who used it, is much higher than the number of videos who “debunk” it.

A woman from Australia named Tanya Andersen, even managed to cure a huge Ewings Sarcoma cancer tumor with Black Salve. Check it out, see for yourself. What interest does she have to lie??? Remember, you can make this Black Salve yourself, you’re not buying anything. You’re not making anyone rich. There’s no Big Pharma patent on Black Salve.

A woman from America, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers cured her breast cancer back in 2006. She posted the video on Youtube in 2012. Guess what! Its been 10 years and she’s still alive and well and she is still making Youtube videos in 2016! Black Salve cured her breast cancer.

Avoid getting more skin cancer in the future by NEVER using sunscreens again in your life. More is explained below under Vitamin D treatment section.

II. Internal Cancer of Any Organs

As previously explained, Cancer is a Vitamin deficiency. Even though it may occasionally appear under a viral form known as HPV, the virus is usually harmless in people with strong immune systems. The HPV virus will be wiped out by the immune system in no time regardless of its variation, so it won’t get the chance to provoke cancer if the human host is healthy. Maintain a healthy immune system and prevent cancer by eating Cayenne Pepper daily. Anyway besides from the viral version, cancer is mostly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, Vitamin and Mineral deficiency and a bunch of carcinogens consumed from “perfectly safe” food infested with preservatives, artificial flavors, sprayed with pesticides, etc.

Selenium reduces the rate of cancer by up to 63%. Don’t waste your time with synthetic Big Pharma selenium supplements. Either buy organic selenium supplements or eat Brazil Nuts which are known to be the best source of selenium in nature. You can also get huge amounts of selenium from seafood such as oysters, mussels, octopus, lobster, clams, squid and shrimp. If you’re not a fan of seafood then you may get a fair amount of selenium from fish such as Herring, Sardines, Anchovies and Mackerel. Tilapia and Tuna are also known to have large amounts of selenium but its just better to avoid Tuna fish at any cost though. Tuna has always been a magnet for radiation poisoning and now with Japan’s Fukushima nuclear incident… just avoid it. As for Tilapia… Tilapia is a mess, just google it out, see for yourself. According to the allopathic mafia and some dumb minions following everything they say, FISH NOW KILLS YOU! OMG don’t eat fish anymore, it contains mercury! OMG, Oy Vey ze horror! Hahaha what a bunch of baloney! Fish has always been God’s mana for humans. You get so many great things from fish…. we would have to write like 1 million pages on it. Shortly said, don’t worry you goy, its Kosher, ze Jew eats fish so its safe. God made it all perfect for you dumb morons. The fish and seafood that have mercury, also have selenium and guess what. Selenium is so awesome it can deactivate the mercury and render it inactive. Ever wondered why the Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the world? Their diet is mostly made out of fish and seafood yet they live the most (as a country, excluding isolated tribes). According to the medical mafia theory the Japs should be dead at 20-30 years old considering the amounts of mercury they get from the fish they eat. Again, sheep, remember, Selenium DEACTIVATES Mercury. Both elements are found in fish. Its like Yin & Yang but with Yin always beating up Yang. Eat plenty of fish and get plenty of Selenium, Phosphor, Omega-3 for your intelligence and much more. Selenium along with Iodine are also mandatory for a healthy thyroid. So keep eating fish. According to a study conducted by Dr. Larry Clark and his colleges, which was published in the Journal of American Murder Association (sorry meant to say American Medical Association) a daily supplementation of diets with 200 MicroGrams of Selenium cut the cancer death rate by 50%. Other studies by other doctors believe that the rate is much higher, at 63%. Selenium may react directly with carcinogens to prevent their binding to DNA and it can also render carcinogens non-carcinogenic. It will also help your liver to detoxify and destroy carcinogens.

Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins, in combating cancer. While you may get small amounts of Vitamin D from egg yolks, mushrooms and other stuff, its simply not enough. The monthly recommended dosage of Vitamin D used to be 300.000 IU for adults. Sure, now American medical Jew gangsters who simply want you to get cancer, lowered the monthly recommended dosage to only 50.000 IU. This is Vitamin D deficiency. Without it… ohh God. There’s a huge list of issues. Just Google out Vitamin D deficiency. Again try to avoid synthetic, lab-made Vitamins which are useless and even harmful. Take your Vitamin D directly from the source. THE SUN. According to most studies and to this Wikipedia world map of skin cancers, white people in the North, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland have the highest rate of skin cancer because they get the lowest amounts of Vitamin D. Black people in Africa also have high rates of skin cancer because their black skin melanin acts like a shield which lets little to no Vitamin D pass through. Australians and New Zealanders even though they live in South and get plenty of sun, they are the most Sun scared people in the world. They rub themselves with tons of sunscreens like paranoids even if they spend a minute in the Sun. Arabs on the other hand have lighter skin and live right in the middle of the desert with the highest amounts amounts of Sun light and heat, beating Australia easily. Like Arabs, Asians also get plenty of Sun. Even though their skin is not as light as the European skin, it is no where as melanin infested as the black people’s skin. Look at their skin cancer rates. Amazing isn’t it? Contrary to popular belief, the Sun doesn’t cause cancer, it cures and prevents cancer. Why would people even believe that rubbish? The Sun is the giver of all life. If the Sun is gone, everything will die off. Sunscreens are not only blocking Vitamin D production from the Sun, but these creams themselves are causing cancer because they are using Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Fragrance, Parabens, Homosalate, Nano-zinc, Titanium Dioxide, Propylene Glycol, Retinyl Palmitate, etc. All these garbage chemicals cause skin cancer and prevent you from getting Vitamin D. They are so bad that according to many allophatic studies, sunscreen creams are killing coral reefs. It’s so toxic, a single drop of your typical sunscreen in a tank of water with some corals in it, killed the corals in just a few hours, but they’re telling you its good for your skin and for your health, revealed one study. Interesting how they are still blaming coral mass deaths on “global warming”, isn’t it? The human skin is like a blotting paper, it absorbes and sucks in everything it gets, so avoid feeding it toxic chemicals, including spraying deodorants and perfumes on your skin. Spray perfumes on your clothes instead. The Sun has two types of UV radiations, UVA and UVB. Most of the sunscreens block UVB more than they block UVA… In fact SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is a measurement for UVB protection. Really demonic isn’t it? Why? UVAs are the bad guys while UVBs are the good guys who give you Vitamin D. So if you want your natural Vitamin D, here’s how you protect from those pesky UVAs naturally. Buy some raspberry seed oil and carrot seed oil, mix them together and voila you get a natural sunscreen that blocks ONLY UVA rays with a natural SPF of 28. Or you may use just simple coconut oil which also blocks UVA-only rays with a natural SPF of 4-5 for about 45 minutes, blocking up to 75% UVAs. Never wear toxic sunscreens but do NOT get sunburns because those too are dangerous. Like with everything else, even the healthiest thing on earth becomes harmful if you make abuse of it. So be responsible. Avoid going to the beach from 10:00 to 14:00 in the first days, even though specifically between these hours you can produce the maximum amount of Vitamin D, if you don’t want to use any natural sunscreen at all which is fine, make sure that in the first day you don’t stay more than 30 minutes into the Sun. The second day you can stay an hour, third day 1 hour and a half and so on, until you gradually re-adapt your skin to the Sun. After a month or two of gradual adaptation, you may stay into the Sun even between 10:00 and 14:00 with little to no risk whatsoever. Your own tan will protect you from harmful UVA radiation while your skin will keep producing Vitamin D from the UVBs. Ohh and while we’re at it, NEVER shower after going to the beach for a tan. It takes up to 48 hours for the skin to gradually absorb all the Vitamin D it has produced. If you shower you’re basically throwing all that precious Vitamin D away to the sewers. Yes, everything you knew about tanning, going to the beach and the Sun was false. Like with Selenium, you don’t need supplements since you can get your Vitamin D naturally, but if you’re planning to do it anyway, then avoid synthetic supplements. Buy organic supplements instead, and avoid the inferior mushroom-extracted Vitamin D2 which is basically almost useless. Buy Vitamin D3 instead because its much more easily absorbed by the body.

Amygdalin, commonly known as Vitamin B17 is the most efficient not only cancer prevention but cancer treatment way. Eat the fruits of trees and their seeds said God in the Book of Genesis and so was it that in the 1950s it was discovered by an American doctor that the seeds of Apricots, Peaches, Plums, Apples, Pears, Watermelons, Grapes, Nectarines, Cherries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Bitter Almonds and more contain a rare special type of Vitamin called Vitamin B17 which contains Cyanide and Benzaldehyde. Cyanide???? OMG cyanide??? Yes cyanide! Amygdalin contains 4 molecules, 2 of Glucose (sugar) 1 of Cyanide and one of Benzaldehyde. All these molecules are bound together and harmless to the healthy cells which contain Rhodanese, a powerful mitochondrial enzyme that detoxifies cyanide. Cancerous cells are lacking the Rhodanese enzyme so they will get attacked and destroyed by the Cyanide and Benzaldehyde found in these fruit seeds. After these molecules are done with the cancerous cells and they will meet with a healthy cell which contains Rhodanese, they will be immediately deactivated. According to a chemo-medical mafia research, a Chinese doctor in Kentucky, US, working for the medical establishment, discovered in 2008 that grape seeds (which contain small traces of cyanide) destroy cancer and cures leukemia. Another research confirmed the discovery in 2012 by a team of Indian researches living in Colorado, US. Here’s a clear example which should make clear sense to those tiny brains out there who might seek to deny this. While we’re at birds, birds are a lot smaller than a human, so they’d obviously be able to detoxify less of the “deadly” cyanide. Birds love to chew so their powerful beaks would most likely make short work of the seed’s protective coating. When metabolized by a bird’s system do apple seeds degrade into cyanide? And if so is there enough cyanide to pose a health risk to the bird? Most parrot bird owners in the world, feed apple seeds to their birds for years as a treat and I know many people that have done so for over 10 years to no ill affect. People simply feed them because the birds love them. You will notice that on Wikipedia, a globalist garbage website masquerading as a free world renowned encyclopedia on which everyone can write anything, under the disapproval or rejection of Amygdalin, there are no sources given, all say “Citation Needed”. There are no proper studies because Big Pharma doesn’t care, even if someone would some day prove that amygdalin is working, such medicine will never see the light of the day because again, it can’t be patented and besides its just pure hatred against the goyim. Who cares if the goy dies? After all, Jews believe in the Talmud, not in the Bible and this verse, “Choschen Ham 156, 5 Hagah” perfectly describes whats happening, just Google it out, see for yourself what it says. Anyway, you may ask yourselves, but if Amygdalin or Vitamin B17 is so great, why is the traditional Italian Amaretto liqueur not working? Its made out of bitter almonds and apricot seeds and is used in every Italian desert, such as chocolate, cakes, ice cream, etc. Why do Italians also get cancer? Why aren’t they all super healthy? Here’s why, all traces of amygdalin and its cyanide are destroyed by the alcohol. It is just your average alcohol beverage, that’s why it doesn’t do anything good for you. Now here’s the interesting part. In the Northern part of Pakistan, a white Aryan tribe has been found to live average lives of 100s, easily beating the Japanese. Their longest ever recorded life was 145 years. There are claims of even up to 250 but they are just that, claims, nothing documented or proven. Women make children at 60 and 70 and they are considered young at that age. At 100 they are neither young nor old. Despite that, the longest living person ever, according to Guinness World Records, is a woman from Italy who lived 122 and not the Hunza people, at least officially. What’s their secret? Their monetary currency is ummm how do we put this… ummm apricot seeds… Yes they trade in apricot seeds and they eat apricot seeds like crazy ohhh but didn’t they hear the medical mafia telling them they are poisonous due to cyanide??? They need some chemotherapies and radiotherapies ASAP! Oyyyy vvveyy ze horror! The tribal people’s intake of vitamin B17 is 200 times more than the average American yet they live more. They are lacking some good Selenium and Iodine rich fish though, imagine if they had that too. They could be living 200-300 years. Unbelievable. They are not lacking Vitamin D from the sun though. These WHITE people, yes, our relatives, have no idea what toxic sunscreens are so they get plenty of Vitamin D from the Sun. Wanna know the shocking part? None of these people EVER died of cancer. They only die of old age. The Hunza people are falsely believed to be of Turkic origin but many of them display white aryan traits such as blue eyes and blonde hair.

Don’t eat too many separate seeds though. Eat only the fruit and its seed. If you decide to eat 10 apricots, you may eat their 10 seeds right away, but don’t throw the fruit pulp away to eat the seed or kernel only. That may not be such a wise decision because these things counter-balance themselves just like Selenium interacts with Mercury in the fish. Remember? Yin and Yang?

In the wild, bears naturally seek and eat plenty of berries, they never ever ever EVER get cancer. Zoo bears deprived of berries always get cancer… Whenever they feel sick, domestic dogs seek and eat specific types of grass which contain B17. Dogs deprived of that who live mostly indoors, get cancer and die prematurely.

Monkeys and Apes such as chimps and gorillas have been documented to use stone tools to crack open the seeds of various fruits and eat their kernels. None die of cancer! Oy vey ze horror! Stop exposing the Jewish medical mafia scam, its too much we can’t take it anymore. Oy vey ze horror!

Cannabis Hemp is not only a rich source of Omega 3 which can greatly boost your IQ, but also a very strong potent anti-cancer fighter. Its also a great replacement for your tobacco cigarettes in case you’re a smoker. According to most studies there is no single documented death caused by hemp, while tobacco kills some 6 million people world wide each year. Tobacco itself isn’t as bad as its believed either, in fact there are also no known tobacco caused deaths despite filling the lungs with tar, before the tobacco industry took over. Tobacco is sprayed with over 600 different chemicals, both while in the fields and when processed in factories. Smoke natural organic tobacco grown in your garden, see if you get cancer from that. Or better, smoke hemp and prevent cancer. Or even better, don’t smoke anything at all. There are thousands of documented Cannabis Oil treatments. Cannabis has been found even by the medical mafia to destroy cancer yet its still illegal almost world-wide with the exception of a few countries such as Uruguay, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Chile, Colombia, Cambodia, etc.

Medical Mafia Oppressing The Cancer Cure Through Propaganda, Scaremongering and Brainwashing

Total suppression of any alternative cure isn’t a mystery. All treatments are oppressed by the Jewish medical mafia which should be locked up entirely and have the key thrown away. Top medical gangsters should be shot dead because what they are doing is murder, but that’s another story. So besides forcing all alternative scientists to flee to Mexico and other countries, they also ban alternative cures and scaremonger people. Here’s a few examples. Cannabis is banned world-wide with a few exceptions. You are being deprived of Vitamin D by being scare-mongered and brainwashed into believing the Sun is dangerous and deadly and you need to pour biohazardous chemicals on your skin in order to “protect”. You can’t get Selenium because you are being told to stop eating fish because it’s dangerous, it contains toxic mercury. You are also told to avoid eating fruit seeds at any costs because it contains Amygdalin which has a toxic cyanide. You are also scaremongered into avoiding Chili Peppers which they say it also causing cancer. Isn’t it freaking obvious what they are doing here??? They WANT YOU to get cancer. Every single cancer prevention, treatment and cure there is in nature, they are at war with.

It is also vital to understand and remember that not absolutely every single doctor on the face of this planet, especially those small village doctors are part of this medical mafia. Well in fact they are part of it but they do not realize it. Not every doctor is a scientist who researches these drugs. They are like you and I. They just try to help their patients with the drugs that are available to them on the market, assuming that they are safe and good. Most of these doctors are so unaware that they themselves will take their own drugs if they had to. A cleaning must be done but from the top, starting with Big Pharma mafia, the ones who produce these harmful chemical drugs.

Other Cancer Treatments

There are Multiple OTHER alternative treatments which have not been properly researched by us yet but we will research more and update the article in the future. Few of them include: Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, Essiac Tea, White Sugar Reduction, Thunder God Vine, Cayenne Pepper and more. Check back again because we will update.

Most scientists, doctors and inventors of alternative cancer cures were forced to move to Mexico by the medical mafia in order to be able to freely practice and continue to study the disease. Some chemotherapy critics believe that the treatment is perpetrated by nazi death camps. They genuinely believe that the government and the medical mafia is nazi but they fail to name a single nazi. They name names like Rockefelon (Rockefeller) but they fail to mention the fact that the very inventor of the chemo “therapy” is Jewish and that the cancer industry is in fact genocide mostly targeted towards white people. Yes people of all races die of cancer but they are considered collateral damage for the sole purpose of the greater good which is pure hatred and big cash flow.

Isn’t it interesting how all real cancer treatments are illegal or labeled quackery and strongly discouraged by the medical mafia without any proper investigation?

It was a lengthy read indeed by it was worth it, wasn’t it? Share and subscribe.

Published on 11 September 2016 and Updated on 15 September 2016

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3 Responses to " Have No Fear, Cancer Treatment is Finally Here! "

  1. rh2 says:

    The exposé of big pharma and the medical profession is fascinating. The cure for our diseases lies with nature – not in toxic, man-made chemicals prescribed by greedy professionals! Everybody suffering from cancer or other malignant disease ought to read it.

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  2. Feriss.H says:

    Excellent article and everything holds as said. Gorgeous girl under title absolutely contributes to the better mood and health consequently.

    However, all these foods serve more in the prevention of getting cancer, and doubtfully it would cure the one, once you get it. Of course it depends on the sort of cancer and location. Hard core cancers as brain tumor for instance have only one treatment – surgery. The catch is the treatment in the aftermath, where chemo is the worst option.

    The most reliable, as substitute for chemo, is Rudolf Breuss therapy, which I applied on myself for curing Chron’s disease, years ago. It’s not easy, requires humongous amount of discipline and perseverance, but results are almost magical. The trick is in the total fasting and regular daily enemas for the period at minimum of 45 days. Involved are also special herbal crops and biotic vegetable juices.

    Proverb No Pain No Gain here proves its meaning. Google Rudolf Breuss Cancer Cure and acquaint yourself with procedure, get the book and go for it. It works absolutely!

    It’s meant as a cancer cure primarily but it heals much more. General Body Cleansing and Effects are just unbelievable!

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  3. Dale S says:

    I have always believed the greed of the big pharmacy companies as criminal.Not allowing complimentary,natural cures to been seen as true remedies is sad.This is a lengthy article but the truth of knowing what it takes to stay healthy is very important.Thank you for having the courage to write this article and having it published. I know many people who have suffered terribly from radiation and friends who have died from radiation.

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