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Democratic Party is FINISHED after Devastating Wikileaks Release

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Famous hacker Guccifer 2.0, just released a new batch of DNC and DCCC devastating emails from Colin Powell’s email conversations. There are thousands of emails worth of 678.4 MB. You can download them as an archive file from Wikileaks. The emails reveal level of corruption unheard of and unspoke of anywhere in the world at any given historical time. These new revelations confirm that the DNC operates more like a crime organization.

We will continue to update the list below and try to build a big compilation, as we find out more information from those Guccifer leaks.

Here are just a few of the devastating emails for the Clintons:

1 – “Bill Clinton is still dicking bimbos” said Colin Powell in one of those emails. Even to this day? At his age? And Hillary just doesn’t care? How come they are still together? The Clintons are such a disgusting family. No moral values whatsoever.

2 – Bohemian Grove satanic group will vote against Trump and support third party candidates because they believe Trump poses a threat to their satanic idolatry. But wait, up until recently they denied the “Bohemian Grove” doesn’t even existed. Alex Jones was the first who exposed those sick bastards, back then the media denied everything without a single shred of evidence or proper investigation and called Alex a conspiracy lunatic. Turns out the mainstream media was the conspiracy lunatic all along.

3 – Hillary Clinton could barely climb the podium steps to give a speech, back in 2015 but you believe she has pneumonia, right? Colin said in the same email that he would rather not have to vote for her.

4 – Hillary Clinton was more interested in sex with women rather than with men. Now we know for a fact that Huma Abedin truly was her mistress and the Clintons marriage was just a public sham all this time. While we’re at cheating, there are even rumors that Chelsea Clinton is not even Bill’s daughter. She is in fact Webster Hubbell’s daughter. Lets look deeper into these emails and see if we can confirm this rumor.

5 – Hillary Clinton hates Barack Obama for “kicking her ass” in previous elections.

6 – Obama sold public offices such as foreign Embassies to donors in huge pay-to-play corruption scheme.

7 – In one mail between Mike Ryan DCCC policy director and some Democrat candidates, they admit that the Dems created ISIS.

8 – The Dems along with their globalist kingpin George Soros staged protests and violent riots with paid protestors in Arab countries like Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Kuwait, in order to overthrow their governments, meddling in foreign affairs of other countries. Remember Arab Spring? It was all the Democratic Party’s hand.

9 – Clinton predators scammed Haiti victims after their devastating earthquake in 2010. The Clintons grabbed billions of dollars from the pledged money, with their Clinton Foundation. Only 10% of the donated money made it to the Haitian victims. Nearly $13.5 billion in aid mysteriously disappeared. Hillary praises herself as a black hero, sure, tell that to the Haitians. Wikileaks revealed in one email that Democratic Party’s Haitian ambassador Kenneth H. Merten talked about scamming the Haitian victims, saying “the gold rush is on!”

As usual, the DNC is blaming the hack on Russians and UFOs (joke). Maybe it is the Russians, or maybe not, remember Seth Rich? Anyway it doesn’t matter WHO is doing it. This is DIVERSION, what matters is what’s in them! The Democratic Party will be finished, not just for the 2016 elections but for the next 2-5 elections after this corruption scandal. They won’t win another election in years to come…

Here’s what the DNC said after the new back of emails were released, as usual they blamed Russia:

Up until recently, we knew about most of these claims, but they were just claims. Now we finally have the proof that these things are real. Thank you Colin Powell!

What’s wrong with these sickos some of you may ask? Well the explanation is quite simple. There are Secret Societies out there who are mostly Luciferian and Satanic in nature. Here are a few of the most well known secret societies: Freemasonry, Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, etc.

John F Kennedy warned about these secret societies. Shortly after he exposed them, he was killed. Stanley Kubrick produced the one and single best movie of the entire Hollywood where he explained these secret societies. The movie’s name is “Eyes Wide Shut” and it features top actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Just 4 days after releasing the movie, Stanley Kubrick was killed and it was claimed that he died in his sleep of “natural causes”. German leader Adolf Hitler was also opposed to those secret societies and issued a mass arrest list (see document below), it is estimated that between 80.000 and 200.000 secret society members, including masons and illuminati were executed in Nazi Germany and their allied countries, shortly after that, World War 2 started and he was removed from power and demonized as the evil of all evils. Ever wondered why the elites hate Adolf so much? Here’s the document list below with the forbidden secret societies in Germany, among the other groups you will find “Illuminaten-Orden (gegründet 1896)” which means “founded in 1896”. Illuminati turned out to be one of the most powerful, influential and dangerous of all these groups:

So anyway, watch the movie Eyes Wide Shut and imagine Tom Cruise as Bill Clinton and Nicole Kidman as Hillary Clinton. This is the life of the ruling elites, both Democrats and Republicans. A life of sexual depravity, debauchery, drugs (it is a fact that Bill Clinton was a cocaine addict) and ritual satanism. No one is exposing anyone because they all have their hands dirty and they are blackmailing each other. Well in the Eyes Wide Shut movie, Tom Cruise didn’t join the group, in reality he would have been killed if he had the privilege to see everything but choose not to join.

Donald Trump is not a member of these sick societies, that’s why the elite and the media hates him so much. Newt Gingrich confirmed this in an interview with Bill O’Reilly back in March 2016. Newt confirmed that the establishment hates him because he is not a member of their societies and they can’t blackmail him. Now don’t think Newt is a nutcase, spewing conspiracies! Newt Gingrich himself is a Bohemian Grove attendee. We can’t really figure why Newt is currently supporting Trump. Maybe he is no longer a member? Or maybe he is trying to gain his trust so he can control Trump? We simply don’t know that, but one thing is sure, Donald Trump is not a member of the secret societies. People voting for anyone else rather than Trump are just moron simpletons who cannot see the big picture.

UPDATED 16 September 2016

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