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"Collapsing" Hillary Clinton Loses Women Support, Majority Now Dislike Her

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Hillary Clinton is now underwater with women too. Even women don’t like her.

The Examiner reported:

Hillary Clinton’s favorability among women has suddenly reversed itself.

Last month, women had a largely favorable view of the Democratic presidential candidate, with 54 percent viewing her positively and 43 percent viewing her negatively. But those numbers have flipped in the last few weeks, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.

Women now dislike Clinton, with 52 percent holding a negative view and 45 percent holding a positive view. This is the first time in year that more women have disliked Clinton than liked her.

Women were probably never as pro-Clinton as Democrats and liberal writers had hoped. They certainly were never as pro-Clinton as most of the African-American community was pro-Obama. Earlier this year, polls found Clinton’s lead among women collapsing, as young women in particular favored her then-rival Bernie Sanders.

As Clinton has fallen in popularity among women, her rival, GOP nominee Donald Trump, has gained. Trump has gained 7 points in favorability among women, from 26 percent in early August to a better-but-still-not-great 33 percent now.

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  • SoCalPal

    Hillary is collapsing along with her crony, special interest backers.
    Americans are waking up to what Obama and his ilk have done and they want their country back.
    America’s version of Brexit is just around the corner.

  • skreamer

    Whats really really strange is why would you do all this when you KNOW your NOT going to get elected! …..very strange if you think about it.

  • linked1

    The myth of the first female president is deflating. People are realizing that her gender is meaningless if she’s more of a warmonger than even GW Bush was, and that she only serves women’s interests insofar as it serves her.


    But illegals, sand niggers and corpses will still vote for her ,

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