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Cheating Hillary Wore Cheap eBay Spy Earpiece During Debate

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According to multiple observations and compiled reports, we have come to the conclusion that Hillary was bugged with a Spy Earpiece during the first Presidential Debate.

Hillary Clinton cheated heavily and by the looks of it her so-called mock debate preparations, were only preparations on how to cheat and speak what she is being dictated in her ear piece.

After Hillary was caught wearing an outdated old-fashion visible earpiece on NBC with Matt Lauer, Hillary’s team decided it was time to upgrade to a much more sophisticated device which cannot be seen as easily. Hillary’s earpiece on Matt Lauer’s forum [1st photo] was even confirmed by the NYPD.

Now check this out! Hillary was caught wearing a state-of the art earpiece known as Wireless Inductive Neckloop Earpiece during her first Presidential Debate, with Lester Holt, coincidentally, again on NBC. Even though the device is super complex, it can be bought on eBay.com at about $14-18 depending on the seller. Just go to eBay and search for spy earpiece and see for yourself. There are many variants of Neckloops and we don’t know for sure which variations she used BUT, she did use one with magnetic micro earpieces. See for yourself:

All they did was to place the cables and the phone on her back and simply just tape them on her skin, underneath her clothes. From her neck to her ears there are no visible wires and no visible earpieces. The earpieces are tiny, half the size of a single corn seed. It enters right inside the ear and makes direct contact with the eardrum. The tiny speaker is then removed from the ears with a magnet which pulls out the small magnetic earpiece.

Check out the tiny earpiece. It makes direct contact with your eardrum and you get it out of your ear with a magnet.

Here’s a HD photo so you can see her earpiece system better. Click on the image to Enlarge it!

Hillary also changed what she was saying mid-sentence. Maybe there was a bad phone connection for a second or two or she simply didn’t understand what they were telling her, but this is what she said in her Opening statement at minute 3:35:

We also have to make the economy fairer. That starts with raising the national minimum wage and also guarantee …&?!… Finally equal pay for women’s work. I also want to see more companies do profit sharing.

And did you notice that she sometimes appeared like someone was talking to her? Her facial expressions were like she was concentrating to what she was being told.

Sure, we expect liberal scumbag websites such as “Snopes.com” to immediately render this article “fake”. Its them who are fake and they have been exposed by so many journalists for their scumbaggery… They will offer ZERO proof when they “debunk” this story, while WE PROVIDED plenty of proof. Just watch the photos, are you gonna say that this is an optical illusion or something? There are videos and plenty of HD photos! There is no damn illusion, this is real, Hillary wore something and this is exactly what she wore. Whatever liberal scumbags may claim, your eyes do not deceive you, she did wear something and if she didn’t wear a cheating device then what did she wear? A Parkinson’s Disease “Medtronic ACTIVA SC” device used for brain stimulation as some claim? We don’t think so!

All evidence point towards a Wireless Inductive Neckloop Earpiece because she also had some papers. Hillary appeared to read at times from her podium. She had preloaded notes to read from. At the end of the debate, some dubious guy immediately swooped in and grabbed the notes off her lectern. He can be actually seen leaving with some papers.

Now we know why she always seemed to have the exact answers! There’s no way she could have been so on point without cheating. Especially considering her mental health condition…

Here are a couple of video demonstrations of what Hillary Clinton wore during the first presidential debate:

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3 Responses to " Cheating Hillary Wore Cheap eBay Spy Earpiece During Debate "

  1. Denise Cranson says:

    Do you guys pay a proof reader? Because if you need one I would be happy to have a part time job. “…she did wore something and if she didn’t wore a cheating device then what did she wore”? All three “wore”s should be “wear”. If you are going to put out professional sounding articles you should not allow glaring mistakes like this. Otherwise, I agree, she was wearing an ear piece. That is not surprising since I didn’t even expect her to show up.

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    • Steve says:

      Grammar NAZI….you are right…but still…..Grammar NAZI…I await my corrected paper….actually i wont care.

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  2. SheWhoWalksAlone says:

    It could also have been an electrical device for Parkinson Disease, she could not have done this debate without some massive help!

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