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Another Doctor Destroys Hillary: Non-Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia Doesn't Exist, Pure Fiction

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According to one Kansas doctor, there is something seriously wrong with the claim that Democratic Clinton’s recent health issues are due to “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.”

In fact, Dr. Milton Wolf says the disease doesn’t exist.

Wolf, a conservative who dabbled in politics during a 2014 Republican primary for a Senate seat, sent out a series of tweets rejecting the diagnosis reported by the Clinton campaign.

Wolf called the diagnosis “pure fiction.”

Wolf also said that the diagnosis raises a critical question.

“Think about it. If there’s really such thing as ‘non-contagious bacterial pneumonia,’ how did Hillary catch it?” he asked in a tweet.

Although Clinton’s health was an issue raised by Republicans for months, it has been disregarded by many in the mainstream until recently.

During a Sept. 11 remembrance ceremony in New York City, Clinton was forced to leave the ceremony because she was not feeling well. Video showed her appearing to stumble and need assistance standing upright. The Clinton campaign initially blamed the episode on “overheating” and later on “dehydration.” Later, Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s physician, said Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, two days before the ceremony.

Wolf is adamant that the full story has not been told.

“So Hillary’s doctor —who says ‪#HillarysHealth is “excellent”— just claimed Hillary had an imaging study that doesn’t exist,” he tweeted yesterday after Bardack released a statement on Clinton’s health that said she was fine.

Wolf noted that the big question is not Sunday’s episode, but the underlying conditions that could be impacting her health.

He also noted inconsistencies between what was said versus actions taken by the campaign.

“Hillary’s camp just announced that ‪#HillarysHealth requires a personal physician travel with her … but she’s in “excellent” condition,” he tweeted.

Wolf has said the full extent of the issues are not being shared.

“I’ll say it again, whatever your politics, say a prayer for ‪#HillarysHealth. These are serious matters and you deserve to know the truth,” he tweeted.

In discussing Sunday’s episode, he said he believes that it was more severe than indicated in many news reports.

“This is not a ‘faint’ or a ‘stumble,” he tweeted Sunday. “Dehydration/pneumonia does not cause rigidity and spasticity. This was a neurological event.”


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