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American Media Blames Putin and Trump of "Poisoning Hillary Clinton"

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Just yesterday Russian outlet Pravda predicted that America will blame Russia for Hillary Clinton’s health problems. Guess what… it didn’t take long. The media is already blaming Russia and “Russian agent” Donald Trump for Hillary’s brain damage. The media is saying Donald Trump and the Russians have poisoned Hillary Clinton. Hahaha, the mainstream media is becoming a conspiracy theory Looney Bin. You have got to read this article, but first visit the bathroom because you may piss your pants while reading it. Its so funny!

So here’s Pravda’s predictive story:

Hillary Clinton’s illness may affect the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation and personally President Putin. The Dems will try to push the subject of Clinton’s health condition into the background, and the best technology for this would be an attack on the elections in Russia.

Pravda.Ru asked political scientist and publicist Leonid Krutakov whether Russia should expect a US intervention into Russian internal political affairs.

“The USA’s intervention into Russian, Libyan or Syrian domestic affairs has never stopped. Whether Clinton is sick or not, the goal of the White House – to change the regime in Russia – remains the same,” said Leonid Krutakov.

According to the analyst, the US government will not “interfere in Putin’s personal life.” Clinton and her team will only continue to blame Moscow for Trump’s successful manipulations,” the expert said.

“The USA is preoccupied with the presidential election, and if Clinton loses, all of America’s political and business elites may expect a good shake-up,” said Leonid Krutakov.

Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia after she fell ill during a ceremony to commemorate September 11 victims. Clinton had to leave the event early. She could hardly approach her vehicle and had to use the assistance from her security guards.

And here’s today’s American media:

Bennet Omalu, the famous pathologist who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the brains of deceased NFL players and Hillary Clinton’s concussion doctor, made the disturbing suggestion on Twitter that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin poisoned poor Hillary Clinton.

And the liberal media such as CNN, Washington Post, Daily Express is running with this.

The media is going to try to blame the Russians that Hillary Clinton collapsed at Ground Zero.

How could have Pravda predicted the blame? Because its simple, the corrupt Democratic party is blaming the Russians and Martians for everything that ever happens to them.

She’s NOT poisoned by any Russian, Trump, Pepe the frog or any other space aliens for that matter, here’s what Bill Clinton said in a recent interview with CBS: “Well if it is, it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors, because frequently, well not frequently, rarely, but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, same sort of things happened to her when she just got severely dehydrated and she’s worked like a DEMON, as you know, as Secretary of State, as a Senator and in the year since.”

Of course she’s not poisoned. She is sick! She has Parkinson’s Disease since at least 2012 as the Wikileaks emails reveal but tell you what, SUPPOSEDLY she is poisoned, for the sake of argument, then that means now that she is aware of it, she should be fine in the next following days and have no more coughing fits and seizures. Wanna bet she’ll have more? She’s already talking about skipping the debates. The DEMONcRATS are already planning to replace her. Hundreds of top doctors came out and confirmed that she is displaying each and every single Parkinson symptom which was cause by her past brain damage (concussion). The media is just running with it despite having Bill Clinton confirming recently that “DEMON” Hillary fainted before in the past years and this wasn’t the first time. It’s all a big lie, the Demonratic Party has been lying to you. They are mixing and messing up their own lies.

Its pure propaganda, garbage and conspiracy theory folks.

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3 Responses to " American Media Blames Putin and Trump of "Poisoning Hillary Clinton" "

  1. Poptoy1949 says:

    Nobody Poisoned Mrs. Clinton. The GOOD LORD is more than likely catching up with her.

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  2. angrywhiteman says:



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    When you are at it, please watch:

    Hillary’s America/Chronicles Shocking Documentary/Movie!!


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    Lying Crooked Hillary


    Donate $10, 35, 50 or 100, anything will do https://www.donaldjtrump.com/

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  3. Eliza says:

    I only wonder why the US didn’t meddle into the Byelorussian parliamentary elections. Or at least those could be American puppets in Brussels to delve into this
    and catch Byelorussian president Lukashenko red handed in election fraud. No they didn’t stir a finger! Why? Can you explain this?

    Hillary is somewhat irrelevant and should undergo some additional medical tests to be made public. That’s a must imo.

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