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Amateur Videos Shows Thousands of Refugees Sleeping on the Streets of Paris

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Check out this short amateur video for a glimpse of the Western world that leftists are making: block after block of young male African migrants camped out on Parisian streets, with not a child or woman among them. It could be from virtually any third world capital, which is what Paris is fast becoming — and there may be no turning back barring literal civil war.

Here is a similar video, to the accompaniment of poignant piano music, lamenting a civilization committing suicide:

Both videos are from this month, taken at the Stalingrad Paris Metro station, the scene of this rioting in April of this year. The migrants there are mainly from Sudan, Eritrea and Afghanistan.

This morning at dawn, police in Paris began removing more than 2,000 migrants and clean the tons of garbage they’ve made from between the Jaurès and Stalingrad metro stations to relocate them in temporary shelters.

The French Minister of Housing, Emmanuelle Cosse, promised that the state would “continue to take responsibility and to guide asylum seekers in places available in the entire country.” As Russia Today notes, authorities plan to open Paris’ first refugee camp in mid-October. The center will be housed in a former railway depot in the north of Paris and will offer 400 men-only beds to take migrants off the city streets. A second 350-bed center for women and children only is expected to be opened in Ivry-sur-Seine to the southeast of Paris by the end of the year.

Au revoir, Paris.


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  • John W

    This is the kind of country that the Labour Party want to create in the UK too, in order to destroy their implacable enemy, the white working and middle classes. Whilst the Labour Party establishment live in gated communities miles away from “diversity” and send their own children to all white schools. Gordon Brown lives in Queensferry,a village in Scotland, with zero non-whites. Tony Blair sent his own children to The London Oratory School in Fulham whilst living in Islington. The London Oratory was (is?) famous for not admitting ethnic minority children and got into trouble over it. Harriet Harman did something similar. They are laughing at you, white man.

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