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Wisconsin: Vote Paul Nehlen, You Need to Register by Friday

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Nehlen has a Molon Labe tattoo of a Spartan helmet over an American flag! This is the spirit we need for the new Republican party.

We are hereby calling on all our people in Wisconsin to vote for Paul Nehlen in the open primary on Tuesday.

Apparently, you need to register by Friday at 5:00 PM (you may already be registered and not know it).

All the information about registering and where to vote are available on this Wisconsin government website.

Seriously, every single one of you in Wisconsin needs to go do this. No excuses. This is a close election, and there is a very good chance we can get Ryan out now.

Note that if not, you’re going to be asked to vote for whatever Democrat is running against Ryan on November 8th.

We have to get rid of this dirty rat traitor. An open enemy is much better than a traitor, but much better than either is an ally – Paul Nehlen.

Nehlen has an excellent platform. He is a “Trump-Republican,” which means “nationalist.”

“Conservatism” which means “open-borders, free trade cuckoldry” is on it’s last leg, it’s time to bury it once and for all.

This is all no longer in the realm of the theoretical or the abstract, we are making actual real life gains, in a serious sense.

Remember, Paul Ryan is a Ted Cruz NeverTrumper. Trump refused to endorse this Republican In Name Only (RINO) while he praised Paul Nehlen for his great campaign.

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