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Trump vs Hillary in Kissimmee Florida: Trump Gets Thousands, Hillary Gets 150

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Biased polls reporting Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton beating Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump are not dependable.
Remember that!

Thanks to social media there is more and more evidence – that you can see for yourself – that shows the polls are way off.

No one likes or trusts Hillary and it shows with paltry showings at her campaign events.

Trump on the other hand is getting huge crowds at his campaign events.

Another great example occurred this week in Kissimmee, Florida.

On Monday night Hillary held a campaign event in Kissimmee which was attended by only about 150 people.

And HALF of the attendees were her MEDIA SUPPORTERS!

One of the Hillary attendees was the Muslim father of the terrorist Orlando shooter who killed 49 people and injured many more.

When you can only get 150 at an event – you shove the terrorist daddy behind the stage!

Trump held a campaign event at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida, on Thursday and sold out the arena.

Trump is also destroying Clinton on social media. There is no way Hillary is beating Trump – No way!


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3 Responses to " Trump vs Hillary in Kissimmee Florida: Trump Gets Thousands, Hillary Gets 150 "

  1. Aelialicinia says:

    Victory to Trump and change!

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  2. angrywhiteman says:





    10:44 PM – 28
    Jul 2016

    50%Donald Trump -Republican

    22%Hillary Clinton -Dems

    12%Gary Johnson -Libertarian

    16%Jill Stein -Greens

    117 000 PEOPLE VOTED

    When you are at it
    please :

    Watch Clinton Cash Movie

    Then Visit: https://www.lyingcrookedhillary.com/

    Then Send some $ to:
    Anything will do $10, 35, or 100

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  3. skreamer says:

    You think Hillary would have hired more stooges for the crowd! So its her fault no ones there!
    Or maybe she did it on purpose making everyone vote for her cousin Trump!…….Nar!…that would be to wild of an idea or some kind of conspiracy! Theirs no way they would do that! No way would the illuminati work together on directing your thoughts and actions!…that would be ridiculous! Hillary’s own fucking dog wouldn’t vote for her!
    She has done an outstanding job of getting Americans to vote for her cousin Trump!….Well done Hillary!!!

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