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Trump Refuses to Endorse Ryan & McCain in upcoming Republican Primaries

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Speaker Paul Ryan ran a shadow campaign against the GOP nominee Donald Trump all year.

Ryan delivered his own economic plan at his own town hall, he hesitated for weeks to endorse the record-setting Republican nominee and continues to attack Donald Trump regularly in the mainstream media.

Today Donald Trump said he would not endorse Senator John McCain or Speaker Paul Ryan in their primaries this year.

Trump praised Ryan’s opponent, Paul Nehlen, for running “a very good campaign” and said of Ryan: “I like Paul, but these are horrible times for our country. We need very strong leadership. We need very, very strong leadership. And I’m just not quite there yet.”

Trump said that Ryan has sought his endorsement but that he is only “giving it very serious consideration.”

Trump made his comments during a wide-ranging 50-minute interview Tuesday afternoon over lunch at the Trump National Golf Club in Northern Virginia

Ryan endorsed Trump this spring and spoke on his behalf at the convention, but only after a period of public soul-searching.

Speaker Paul Ryan today announced he did not need Donald Trump’s endorsement to win his primary next week.

Businessman Paul Nehlen is challenging Speaker Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin primary next week.

Asked about this in the interview, Trump said Ryan’s “opponent is a big fan of what I’m saying — big fan. His opponent, who’s running a very good campaign, obviously, I’ve heard — his opponent sent me a very scholarly and well-thought-out letter yesterday, and all I did was say thank you very much for your very nice letter.”

Trump has also refused to endorse Arizona Senator John McCain for reelection this year after a series of conflicts followed suit, with the latest one where John McCain came in support of the Democrat Muslim family Khan which spoke at the DNC for Hillary Clinton.


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