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Ron Paul is a Real Nutjob and a Lunatic

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We were never a big Ron Paul supporters, however we did support him in the past because he was still better than the other choices, but with that said, we didn’t realize until he began talking about Trump what a complete whackjob he is. He just rambles on and sounds nuts.

This guy actually wants to abolish the government, which is completely insane. He celebrates Obama’s shrinking of the military, but won’t ever explain how you can keep your country from being invaded by another country if you have no government or military and other countries have governments and militaries.

Watching Ron Paul on Donald Trump really puts 2000s libertarian Conspiracy theorism in perspective.

What was going on with all of that nonsense?

Libertarian conspiracy theorism was really, really goofy. But most of us were into it, just because it was the only game in town.

The 2010s have brought much better days.

This old fart advocating for his Libertarian Kumbaya paradise should have been kicked out of GOP a long time ago. If he loves Libertarianism so much, then by all means, he should go join them! Whatcha doing here in the Republican Party trying to change it into Libertarian Party version 2.0? There is already a Libertarian Party out there, go join your fellow lunatics Ron.

We’re sick of you, you are disgrace and a spineless scumbag! Ron Paul was massively cheated both in 2008 and 2012 and not only he didn’t stood up to it back then, just like Bernie didn’t now, but he’s not even mentioning it today, many many years later. In fact, when Trump mentioned the election rigging for the first time, like almost a month ago now, Ron Paul quickly came out and did and interview about it where he said that there is no rigging against Trump, he even went on to say that in fact there is rigging FOR Trump!? What kind of weeds does this guy smoke? Last time we checked the RINOs stole entire states from Trump such as Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Iowa, etc. Well in short, according to Ron Paul, he basically agrees with Obama, no one is stealing votes in America. He even went on to say that he believes no one stole the elections from him back in 2008 and 2012. Can you believe that? This guy is a complete cuck! The master of all cucks, he is even outcucking Ted Cruz, one of the biggest cucks the world has ever seen.

Aside from wanting to totally end the US government and replace it with Hippie Kumbaya, Ron Paul also believes that the US should NOT go after ISIS and should just let them do more terror attacks INSIDE the US along with other countries. It’s hard not to suspect he’s quite a bit jealous on Trump (he even admitted that he was basically jealous because he wasn’t invited at the RNC) but that’s not all there is with this guy, we strongly believe Ron Paul is mentally ill probably due to old age.

Sure, we all would have like to have seen Ron replace RINO “Principled Conservatism” with Libertarianism back in 2012. It was a step-up, in a couple ways.

Basically, “states’ rights” has always been a codeword for “anti-civil rights,” which is positive. He also had an anti-bank and anti-war platform, which is effectively anti-NWO. But all of the “limited government” nonsense is really just a lot of pseudo-religious claptrap, based on trying to imply a pre-industrial model of civilization to post-industrial civilization.

So, the core principles of Libertarianism are dumb, but there were a couple side-effects that were good.

And again, anything was better than RINO conservatism.

However, with Trump’s nationalist-populism, the core principles are fantastic, so everything is good. He’s called for an audit of the Federal Reserve and an end to foreign wars as well, and states’ rights won’t be necessary if we don’t have the federal government shoving cultural Marxism down our throats.

The idea that it is impossible to have a “big government” that works isn’t really based on any objective measure. we are in a scientific age where we should be able to apply science to the management of our systems and produce good results.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy Libertarianism is no longer a thing.

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