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Rick Perry Leads Ted Cruz by 9 Points in Texas Senate Race

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Former Governor Rick Perry leads controversial Senator Ted Cruz in the latest poll for the Texas Senate race.

Senator Cruz stunned conservatives when he refused to endorse Donald Trump at the RNC Convention in Cleveland.

This came after Cruz was thumped in the GOP primary race.

The crowd booed him off the consention stage.

Perry leads Cruz in a senate primary matchup 46% to 37%.

The Texas Tribune reported:

A new poll suggests there is at least one fellow Republican who could unseat U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018: Rick Perry.

The former Texas governor would beat Cruz by 9 percentage points, according to the forthcoming survey from the Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling. Set to be released later today, the poll found Perry would get 46 percent of the vote and Cruz 37 percent, with 18 percent saying they are not sure whom they would support.

Perry is the only challenger that PPP tested who would defeat Cruz. The poll indicates he would trounce two other Republicans talked about as potential opponents, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick by 22 points and U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul by 32 points. He would also beat two Democrats, U.S. Housing Secretary Julián Castro and former gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, both by 12 points.

In general, the poll shows Texas Republicans want Cruz to be their candidate for Senate again in 2018 — but not overwhelmingly. Fifty percent said they would like Cruz to be the nominee, while 43 percent said would like someone else to carry the banner.


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  • Nancy Clark

    Videos showed it was Trump aides telling the Trumpbots to yell boo…maybe they were paid to deliberately do that. I wish Cruz would never have given that tremendous speech. If Trump lied about me and deliberately tried to ruin my good name as Trump did, to turn the other cheek Cruz…I would NOT endorse him either. The establishment wants to oust conservatives and Cruz with his 97% Congress rating is superior to most of the communists in congress that will vote on anything as long as it puts money in their pockets. Rick Perry is New World Order Bilderberg establishment so anyone voting for him is a fool.

    • LarryNC

      Nancy, Please, take your meds and go lie down. teddy cruz is everything that you just accused Rick Perry of…I am not a Rick Perry fan either, but cruz is just insane. His allegiance with glen beck is proof enough of that. Your boy lost, let go of the pain and let the healing begin, Nancy.

  • skreamer

    Notice his reptilian shaped head!

  • Abe

    I’ve got my issues with Perry, but I’d take him over Ted in NY second!

  • Really?

    Rick Perry – all the way

  • jooeinpenn

    Get em out

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