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Obama Paid Iran $400 Million Cash Ransom to Release Prisoners

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On January 17, 2016, a cargo plane with $400 million in foreign currencies was secretly sent to Iran.

This was the same day the Iranian regime released four American hostages held in Tehran.

L to R: Matt Trevithick (Photo Credit Robin Wright) Amir Hekmati, Jason Rezaian (Photo Credit AP), Saeed Abedini (News 4).

Barack Obama told reporters today this was not a ransom.

Obama lied.

Former US Iranian Hostage Saeed Abidini told FOX Business Network today the Iranian regime WOULD NOT let his plane leave Tehran until the ransom plane arrived.

They waited on the tarmac for hours.

Saeed Abidini: I just remember the night at the airport sitting for hours and hours there and I asked police— why you not letting us go — And he told me we are waiting for another plane and if that plane take off we gonna let you go.

Trish Regan: You slept there at the airport?

Abidini: Yes, for a night. They told us you going to be there for 20 minutes but it took hours and hours. And I ask them why you don’t let us go, because the — was there, pilot was there, everyone was there to leave the country. And he said we are waiting for another plane so if that plane doesn’t come we never let us go.

The Washington Post and liberal hacks is now attacking Donald Trump for for insisting there is video of Obama’s ransom payment to the Iranian regime.

The liberal media insists there is no video of Obama’s ransom payment.

There is.

Here’s a photo of Obama’s cash ransom to Iran.

The US hostages were not released until the payment was delivered.

Obama lied to the American public – Again.

Donald Trump said there was video of the cash payment to the mullahs. Here it is.

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