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Nation of Islam leader compares Whites to Satan

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Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan compared white people to Satan in his June 26 sermon that was printed this week. Farrakhan added that the purpose of the white man is the same as Satan’s with God.

The Christian Examiner reported:

Just as God has a natural enemy in Satan, so the “original man” – black men and women – have an enemy in the white man, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), told an audience at a Boston mosque recently.

Unlike many of Farrakhan’s sermons which are posted almost immediately to social media and the NOI website, the June 26 address, “Who is the natural enemy of the original man?” was not made public, although it was available for purchase.

Portions of Farrakhan’s address were finally published at The Final Call, the daily online newspaper for the group, Aug. 9…

…Regarded by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-Semite and hate preacher, Farrakhan said during the address that when God creates a creature, he gives it a natural enemy to “justify its existence when it behaves as the Creator created it to be.”

“Whether you want to believe it or not, there would be no mankind if there were no original man—and ‘original man’ is you, black man and woman,” Farrakhan said. “White people are Johnny-come-latelys on our planet. I’m not making mockery. They were given a purpose, and they have fulfilled it.”

The purpose for the white man, he said, is the same as Satan’s with God.

“Everything in nature has an opposite side, so the black man being the original man, you have a natural enemy just like God has a natural enemy in Satan, who is always working against God’s purpose for man.”


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5 Responses to " Nation of Islam leader compares Whites to Satan "

  1. AndreaNY says:

    Yet they do not declare him a terrorist, or his organization ..Southern Poverty Law Center is one of those organizations that is supposedly one that filters for dangerous people and groups such as him , in truth they are just part of the progressive groups meant to block the truth from being exposed.

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    • Edward_Teach says:

      The SPLC is a terrorist organization.

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  2. skreamer says:

    I would compare a preacher with a child rapist except the fact that preachers are child rapists!

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  3. Edward_Teach says:

    He says this but yet he couldn’t be melted and poured out of the white man’s lands.

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  4. Took the Red Pill says:

    GEEEEEE… Talking about “SATAN”, and “G-D”…
    I wonder if he realizes the Irony that he’s talking about a White Man’s Religion.

    Don’t worry. When people realize the don’t have the upper hand, they become delusional.
    So He’ll never figure it out.

    99999999999999 Million Shekels says the White race dies out in 100 years…
    & then the remaining shitskins and nogs declare war on Israel and…

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