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Monsanto Takes Over Weed, Turns it to Harmful Carcinogenic GMO

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Now that Marijuana is about to get legalized in some US states, Monsanto has taken over the marijuana industry and transformed it from one of the most powerful ANTI-CARCINOGENS in the world that CURES cancer, into a CARCINOGENIC plant that CAUSES cancer! As time will pass, you won’t even be able to find a real natural NON-GMO marijuana plant on the market just like what’s happening with the corn and wheat industry, with now a days being extremely hard to find and eat a natural bread made out of NON-GMO wheat for example. According to most studies, as of 2016 there are no proven or documented cannabis deaths while according to CDC tobacco kills an estimated 6 million people Worldwide every single year plus 480.000 every single year in the United States but rest assured, with GMO marijuana, that zero number is about to change.

Natural non-GMO marijuana will be eventually almost completely replaced or contaminated by natural mixing by Monsanto’s GMO patented version which causes cancer instead of curing it for the sick and preventing it for the healthy. Unbelievable ladies in gentlemen! Simply unbelievable! We are led by DEMONS from hell!

Now this is where Monsanto is working closely with the Big Pharma’s Chemotherapy industry hand in hand, colluding to extort people of money and also kill them at the same time. Corruption at its finest. Here’s how a phone conversation must have been between these 2 bastards:

Big Pharma Chemo: Hey Monsanto, I’m Chemo, let me make a deal with you, I heard those evil politicians are about to legalize Cannabis. Its a problem, Cannabis is gonna prevent healthy people from having cancer and even cure those who already have cancer. Now if that happens who am I gonna sell my expensive Chemo toxicity that destroys your immune system completely to?

Monsanto: I don’t know! Not my problem…

Big Pharma Chemo: So here’s the deal, you make a GMO marijuana for me, remove all its anti-carcinogens and replace them with carcinogens. Then you make sure your patented version will replace the normal God-given natural plant. Ban it, prosecute farmers, do what you must. That way you will make your money by selling your GMO Weed and we’ll make our money by selling our Chemos. Deal?

Monsanto: Deal! It’s such a great idea! Why the hell didn’t we had this idea before? And all this time you had to bribe the politicians into keeping weed illegal when in fact we could have let them legalized it, then take control of it and make a lot of money. Its a deal Big Pharma Chemo! We’ll start immediately!

So earlier this month, the state of Illinois joined the party and legalized medical marijuana, becoming the 20th state in the nation to do so. Arizona and Michigan are also slowly joining the pack.

With most of the rest of the thirty straggling states now trying to push forward some kind of legislation, and with Washington and Colorado both taking the unprecedented step to outright legalize it, and with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta officially climbing on board the Green Express by saying that he believes it has legitimate medicinal properties, the nationwide legalization of marijuana is less of a hope and more of an inevitability.

At some near point in the future, most likely one that takes place in our own lifetimes, the use of marijuana will be as prevalent as cigarettes, alcohol, and aspirin.

And, as anyone who’s ever stepped foot in a bar or liquor store or hospital knows, that means big corporations jockeying for your money.

As this report from CNBC makes clear, there’s tons of money in pot. It’s the so-called “largest cash crop in California” for a reason: the cultivation of marijuana plants in Mendocino County alone is theorized to reach roughly $1.5 billion a year. Seeing as no one has a perfect understanding of just how many plants are being grown up there, that estimate may actually be low. And with that much money hanging around, corporate interests are sure to follow.

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4 Responses to " Monsanto Takes Over Weed, Turns it to Harmful Carcinogenic GMO "

  1. Grampa Scott says:

    Grow your own non-gmo cannabis – We have every Right… http://www.weedsthatplease.com will teach you how for FREE.

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  2. Boudica says:

    GMO labels patent and control marketing of products meaning you will only be able to sell their GMO product only to them. Read the contracts as most times these GMO products are no better but people are contractually obligated to only sell to GMO company at their price regardless if market price goes up. This is modern slavery of farmers.

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  3. skreamer says:

    Time to buy up on good seeds before Non-sain-to destroyes our beautiful medicne.

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  4. Anita says:

    At some point it will be like corn and wheat it will cross with GMO plants and will become non pure.

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