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Khizr Khan Specializes in Programs SELLING US Citizenship

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Democrats, the liberal media and #NeverTrumpers are criticizing Donald Trump for responding to Muslim Khizr Khan’s attacks at the DNC Convention.

Khan attacked Trump over his plan to restrict Muslim immigration to the US.

Khan’s son was killed in Iraq War in 2004.

Hillary Clinton supported the war.

Donald Trump did not.

Now, we know why Khizr Khan is so angry at Donald Trump.

Khan specializes in programs selling US citizenship.

The Examiner reported:

The father of a Muslim American soldier killed in Iraq who is caught up in a war of words with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is an immigration lawyer who specializes in a highly controversial program accused of letting immigrants buy their way into the U.S.

Khizr M. Khan’s website notes that he works to help clients with the E-2 and EB-5 programs that let overseas investors buy into U.S. companies and also provides green cards for family members.

It also said that he helps in the purchase of U.S. real estate and businesses. The website lists his ability to practice in New York, though it gives a Washington phone number for the lawyer who lives in Virginia. A man who answered the phone said the website was correct, though he would not identify himself.

“The E-2 and EB-5 are two of the most notoriously abused visa categories that essentially allow wealthy foreigners to buy their way to U.S. residency, and possibly citizenship, with a relatively modest investment,” said Jessica Vaughan, the policy director for the Center for Immigration Studies.

During his “righteous” DNC speech he was waving a small copy of the US Constitution. Where exactly does it say in the US Constitution that its legal to sell US citizenship to immigrants? Unbelievable! Maybe he was just waving a small Quran instead of the US Constitution…

Jokes aside, Khan actually IS a supporter and advocate of Sharia Law, acknowledging his inspiration for Sharia Law is one of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood. For more details just watch the videos below:


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3 Responses to " Khizr Khan Specializes in Programs SELLING US Citizenship "

  1. LewGD says:

    I seriously doubt that disgusting “grieving” Paki father do rely grieves after his son. I would rather say POS is milking his “grievance” and his “sacrifice”. Sacrifice he is babbling about is not HIS sacrifice but the one from his son eventually. The son lost his life in the war staged by Bush & Co and supported by Hillary, and hypocrite bastard father never raised a word against these people. Instead motherfucker accuses Trump who was against the war that caused “his sacrifice”.

    In Iraq, American Soldiers and Marines have been dragged in an Imperial expeditionary war, where too many lost their lives unnecessarily, particularly those riding infamous Humwees, known as widow makers. In such war neither families nor war fighters sacrificed anything. Families have been robbed of their sons and sons have been robbed of their lives.

    Scumbag Paki layer also said how he would never be in the US if it would depend on Trump. He “forgot” to say that if he would never have immigrated to the US, his son would never go in that war and his son would be alive. It’s obvious that Paki Turd is making business from his “grieving”. He made deal with the (((Satanic))) Mafia, hence his soul is black, not Trump’s.

    If he would be sincere with this he would rather raise questions long time ago why Soldiers and Marines were sent in the war in Humvees to be blown off almost the same way as if they were riding bicycles. Mother of killed Seal in the Benghazi addressed Hillary directly as a prime culprit.

    Apart of this, RNC made bad decision having their convention prior of DNC. It was stupid move, or maybe intentionally “stupid”, if we take in consideration relations within GOP camp.

    Trump should be very careful in his reactions now, he better find himself a gang of extra-cunning advisers to fend off rotten scoundrels from Hillary’s (((Mafia))). It is an imperative because too many ordinary voters are total political idiots. Until now, (((Democraps))) managed to fool recklessly naive and politically dumb UNDECIDED voters.

    Trump should stop reacting as a Bull on a red flag on every provocation. His stormy temper would cost him his presidency. If Trump loses, America loses, Amurkistan wins and Europe becomes Eurabia.

    Allahu Fuckbar

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  2. rh2 says:

    The Muslim is a lying POS, so what else is new? All Muslims lie! Lie, Lie,Lie all the time to the dumb white people who don’t what they or Islam are all about. Hard to believe, but most Westerners even today haven’t got a f**king clue about Islam’s true nature: the hellish evil that it represents. After all the mayhem and murders committed by ‘devout’ Muslims, most whites are still in the dark about Islam’s objective of world domination – The Global Caliphate!

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  3. Thomas Moloian says:


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