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Khizr Khan Believes Sharia Trumps "Man-Made" US Constitution

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The only memorable moment from this year’s Philly convention, besides all of outbursts by Bernie supporters, was when Muslim dad Khizr Khan screamed at Donald Trump about the convention.

Now we know all of that Muslim screaming was a lie.

Khizr Khan believes Sharia Law trumps the US Constitution and he’s written about it several times.

The media created a huge scandal with this Muslim, acusing Trump of “dishonoring him” and whatever other big huge chunk of BS…

But this is just a massive, huge staged media hoax, which involves the DNC, the entire media, Hillary Clinton of course and Barack Obama.

This man viciously attacked and insulted Donald Trump, using his dead son as a political weapon. All Trump did was give a very mild response.

But you see the whole thing was planned out in advance, without the expectation that Trump would be so mild in his response. So they’ve just gone right ahead with the plan to claim he “insulted a dead soldier and his grieving family,” even though he was very careful – much more careful than he usually is – to ensure he didn’t say anything nasty.

The media attacked Trump for allowing the mother of a man killed in Benghazi to speak at the RNC, saying he was exploiting a grieving mother. Then the DNC pulls out this guy.

Obviously, the difference is that Hillary was personally responsible for the death of Pat Smith’s son, and her argument was that the woman who killed her son is unfit to be President.

He used his dead son to push an immigration agenda, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Iraq war. Trump is not responsible for the death of this man’s son. In fact, Hillary is responsible – she’s the one who voted for the Iraq war in 2002 when she was a Senator. Trump was against it.

Khan’s statements were also abject nonsense. He claimed that the Constitution says that unlimited numbers of Moslems are allowed to immigrate to the United States. This is just a stupid lie – the Constitution does not, in any way, guarantee any foreigner or religious group the right to immigrate to the United States.

Breitbart.com reported:

Khizr M. Khan has published papers supporting the supremacy of Islamic law over “man-made” Western law — including the very Constitution he championed in his Democratic National Convention speech attacking GOP presidential nod Donald Trump.

In 1983, for example, Khan wrote a glowing review of a book compiled from a seminar held in Kuwait called “Human Rights In Islam” in which he singles out for praise the keynote address of fellow Pakistani Allah K. Brohi, a pro-jihad Islamic jurist who was one of the closest advisers to late Pakistani dictator Gen. Zia ul-Haq, the father of the Taliban movement.

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