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Joe Biden Welcomed to Serbia With Massive Trump Rally

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WOW! Uncle Joe wasn’t expecting this!

Biden gets off plane in Serbia to Trump rally!

Joe Biden flew to Serbia today. He was greeted by a massive rally for Trump!

Serbia is a Christian country that has suffered by the recent onslaught of migrants and refugees to Europe.

There were more people at this Trump Rally in Serbia then the people who attend crooked Hillary Clinton rallies in America!

What can we say? The world loves Trump.


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  • angrywhiteman

    TRUMP 2016 2020 AND BEYOND

    • skreamer

      You’ll change your mind half way through his first term!

  • skreamer
  • Abe

    Trump draws a bigger crowd overseas than Hillary does stateside. LMAO!!

  • Trump-FAN

    The funny part is that Trump was not even there. Imagine if Trump would have been there in Serbia. The crowd could have been double the size! :))) No body loves the Demon-C-rats! The white Christian world is Republican!

  • nick1111

    Biden is a fucken degenerate, as his boss Obola

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