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Hillary's New Ride is an Ambulance! Media Silent, Unbelievable!

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Hillary’s new ride is an ambulance since Clinton has mental illness!

Hillary’s new van is a tricked-out (glorified ambulance), painted black with glitzy wheels and custom “explorer” badge from the custom shop to make it appear less bizarre (like a Ford Explorer). Her Express 1500 van was nicknamed “Hillary’s Mysterious Scooby Van” by the mainstream media. Unlike the mainstream media, Scooby and his team did a lot of investigations. The lamestream media did no investigation into her “mysterious van” whatsoever.

What’s funny about her van is that once she even parked her campaign ambulance in a handicapped space. Was it on purpose due to her mental illness? Either on purpose or not it perfectly fits her condition.

Hillary’s Doctor Frankenstein travels in the van with Hillary, jabbing Hillary with seizure drugs so Clinton can make rare appearances without spazzing out and falling down on TV.

Wikileaks found emails from 2011 proving Hillary researched the Parkinson’s drug “Provigil” and discussed it with her top foreign policy advisor while at state department.

Hillary Clinton has dementia, brain damage, seizures. plus Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

That’s why Hillary keeps blacking out, falling down and getting concussions. Hillary has special “prism” eyeglasses for brain damage and her tongue has holes in it.

Hillary threw a seizure onstage at the 2016 DNC convention. How much longer can George Soros and the globalists cattle-prod Hillary along?

Will Hillary make it to the trump debate? Will Hillary make it to election day 2016, or will Hillary collapse on TV and destroy her chance at the presidency?

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