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Hillary Will Legalize Millions of Illegals who will vote Democrat, Last Chance for GOP - Ann Coulter

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Ann Coulter was on Sean Hannity recently to discuss her new book and talk all things Trump. Ann warned the Republican establishment to get behind Donald Trump immediately because this is the last chance the Republican Party will ever have to win a presidential election because Hillary Clinton will legalize millions of illegal aliens who will vote Democrat no matter what the Republicans say or promise them. It will be a fixed and locked voting block which will never swing. On top of that she is also planning to bring in more Muslim refugees who will also vote Democrat.

Sore losers like Ted Cruz who are having wet fantasies about a 2020 presidency bid will be impossible to ever get elected if Hillary Clinton will legalize 11 million illegals. They will overwhelmingly vote Democrat. No one will convince them to vote any different. They won’t forget it was the Democrats who gave them a legal status and citizenship.

In Trump We Trust – E Pluribus Awesome!

Coulter explained the mainstream media’s recent attacks against Breitbart.com:

Coulter: It’s because Breitbart put out Clinton Cash, which has been watched by more than 3 million people online. I mean it’s been acknowledged by Washington Post, New York Times as absolutely devastating because it very clearly lays out the whole pay for play Clinton Foundation scam. Where, they take money, Hillary does a favor as Secretary of State and then weirdly Bill Clinton gets hired to give a speech for $600,000. I mean it’s just so utterly obviously corrupt like everything else she does.

Coulter talked about the Republican Party elites’ outright sabotage of Donald Trump.

Ann Coulter: If Hillary wins the country is over. We’re at a tipping point. This is a serious election. It’s utterly irresponsible and hateful of these people… It’s utterly selfish. And as I was saying, their motto is, I only regret that I have but one country to give for my TV gig. They don’t care about the country. I thought it might be over when Romney lost. He had the best position of any president until the dawn of Trump… Now, we’re at the tipping point. We’re much farther along. Democrats must be thinking, we thought it was going to be twenty years to completely take over the country. The way Obama is flying in Central Americans and bringing in Muslim refugees we can get this done in Obama’s first term. Both Hillary and Tim Kaine said they will amnesty the 30 to 60 million illegal aliens. If she does that, if she more than quadruples the number of Muslim refugees, it’s over. Republicans never win another presidential election.

Sean Hannity: I think it’s worse than that. If Hillary wins, I am blaming them for the sabotage. They own whatever the refugees do to America. They own the fact that Americans won’t get back to work.

Ann Coulter: Do they think the people who voted for Trump are going to go back to the #NeverTrumpers as our conquering heroes? No. They will destroy any chance the Republicans had. That won’t really matter.


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