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Hillary Clinton: "Trump is a Conspiracy Racist KKK Misogynist Alien From Planet Kremlin"

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Hillary Clinton held a “Alt-Right Speech” just a few hours ago where she accused Donald Trump of being a “Conspiracy Theorist who listens to Alex Jones” everyday and who goes on his show frequently. She said that Alex Jones is a secret reptilian alien conspiracy theorist appointed by former KGB nazi agent Putin (now the Fuhrer of Fourth Reich Russia) himself to brainwash Americans into being extreme nationalists and about her health among other things. Alex Jones is also a friend of David Icke the Messiah who is also a reptilian posing as a human. During her speech Hillary Clinton provided many photos as proof to back up her claims. Hillary also accused Trump of spreading conspiracy theories about her being a KKK leader and about her supposed bad health, which she said she’s fine, because she can open a jar of pickles.

Hillary Clinton severely slammed Donald Trump for being Adolf Hitler’s reptilian soul reincarnated in him. She said “Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler, he is a nazi and I have proof, I have a photo right here to prove it to you guys that Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler reincarnated as a reptilian racist nazi devil,” pointing towards the photo in the right. “I have even more proof,” Hillary added, continuing “Donald Trump has been endorsed by the KKK and David Duke and the nazi reptilian alien Vladimir Putin who funds his whole operation from Planet Kremlin, he even built Trump’s Tower in New York City,” she claimed.

Hillary then completely blasted Donald Trump, saying that he hates all women and he wants to wipe out all women from the face of the Earth. Hillary said: “Donald Trump is a misogynist who hates women and who wants to wipe us all out. Trump’s wife Melania is in fact a shemale, also known as a transgender male and I have proof for that! That’s how much he hates women! He even killed his two young and beautiful daughters and cloned them with pe**ses. Yes that’s right I said it! I can no longer hold this information hidden, I had to release the truth to the public so that everybody can know how much of a big monster Trump is. Donald Marshall told me the truth about his cloned daughters who are now in fact evil white males! That’s why Donald had sex with his daughter Ivanka multiple times and in fact her babies are not Jared Kushner’s kids, they are Donald’s kids. Ivanka is not his daughter anymore, she’s a clone, reptilian clone to be specific! Donald is also banging his other daughter Tiffany, planing to make a couple of kids with her too in the near future.”

Vladimir Putin (left) mentor and sponsor of secret agent reptilian alien Donald Drumpf (left) both from Planet Kremlin.

Hillary then moved to a much more concerning issue, why is Trump hating all women so much: “Trump was once my husband but I immediately filed for divorce after I accidentally caught him masturbating to a photo of Milo Yiannopoulos! I kept the marriage hidden because I was embarrassed but no more, the public simply needs to know that Trump is a reptilian Illuminati alien from Planet Kremlin, led by Grand Leader of the Kremlinians Vladimir Putin himself who is also a closet nazi who hates all women. Wanna hear the funny part? Trump is my cousin, a second cousin but none the less we are still related and we knew but we didn’t care. In the reptilian world everything is permissible. Im not a reptilian though!”

Real photo of Donald Drumpf shapeshifting, Hillary took while she was married to him.

“Don’t get fooled people, Putin isn’t oppressing gays on Planet Kremlin because he hates them, hes doing that because Medvedev, a prominent gay leader on Kremlin turned down Putin’s gay bubble party once. Putin was so angry he said he no longer wants gays in his Russian Reich from Planet Kremlin. All the women you see there are actually reptilian male clones disguised as females. They are in fact shemales. That’s why they are all so hot! Women aren’t naturally that hot unless they are reptilian male clones!! Natural women look like me, ugly and repulsive feminists! I am a real woman, vote for me because I have a real va**na!”

“If you don’t believe me, ask yourselves why has Trump appointed Gay Misogynist Milo Yiannopoulos as the leader of the KKK Nazis? Because he is gay and he has White Male privilege! Ever wondered why Wikileaks’ Julian Assange supports Trump so much and releases emails only about me? Julian Assange is also gay and he is one of Trump’s many secret lovers. Trump frequently visits the reptilian Ecuadorian underground bunker in Londonistan, our beloved Muslim capital of UK, to have secret affairs with him. Have you noticed how angered Trump was by our Muslim hero who slaughtered 50 gays in Orlando? I didn’t care but he did, he immediately Tweeted hate towards Islam, the Religion of Peace and its new hero and martyr, because Omar killed Trump’s gays! Who is he gonna sleep with now? I believe Omar Mateen was a hero and a martyr, that’s why I’m taking hundreds of millions of dollars from the Saudis and why Huma Abedin is guiding me. His father Mir Seddique Mateen is also a hero for educating his son to do such a brave thing, I had him on my rally in Florida right behind me to prove that I support him and our Holy War (Jihad)! Trump is gay!” Clinton added while subtly trying to incentivize Jihadi warriors to eliminate Trump for being gay.

While Drumpf was married to Hillary, he often wore a mustache which he decided to shave after the two filed for a divorce.

Nothing stood on Hillary’s path during her Alt-Right speech! She even went on to explain why the Donald, whose real name is Andonlf Drumpftler (a combination of Donald Drumpf and Adolf Hitler) has that strange hair style. “Ever wondered why Trump, by his real name Andonlf Drumpftler has that strange hair style? Hes the only one on Planet Earth with that hair style. On his Planet Kremlin that is quite a common haircut, wanna know why? Well take a look at this photo shot by MSNBC. Drumpf sneezed and his wig accidentally fell off. Under his wig we have all the proof we need, its settled, its a fact, he is a nazi because he has a nazi tattoo. Yes I said it, he’s so phony and a con artist, not even his hair is real, he wears a wig all the time! Let it be known to Andonlf Drumpftler that the gloves are off and that we do not tolerate Kremlinian nazi reptilian aliens on our planet!”

She made her closing statement by showing one more photo of Trump and making a short comment about Ann Coulter: “Donald Trump only once had a real woman in his life, her name is Ann Coulter and guess what, he had anal intercourse with Ann Coulter, instead of normal! Now if this isn’t proof that Trump is a gay reptilian racist nazi misogynist alien, plus bonus a bigot, a xenophobe, xenomorph, necromorph, necrophiliac, Islamophobe, arachnophobe and a secret agent from Planet Kremlin, I don’t know what is! Remember vote for me because I am a woman!”

One time when Hillary’s protesters infiltrated a Drumpf rally, he got so angry that he shapeshifted into his normal reptilian form for a few miliseconds. Thanks to CNN who had their X-ray Infrared Special Camera Pro Model 5300, they managed to capture the frame and expose Drumpf for what he truly is, a reptilian from Planet Kremlin.

Unfortunately for Trump’s ex-wife Hillary, her campaign manager John Podesta, even though he accused Donald Trump of engaging in conspiracy theories, he is a reptilian agent himself who has infiltrated her campaign in order to sabotage it. John Podesta spoke quite a few times about aliens, Area 51 and UFOs. He even had a slip of tongue once where he admitted in being a nazi reptilian alien himself from Planet Kremlin. During that interview he said he came to Planet Earth with his triangle shaped UFO which he parked at the Area 51. John blew Putin’s cover telling the world that Putin allegedly came to Planet Earth with the Moon, which is a Mothership spaceship UFO. He published the breaking story in the prestigious Inquisitr. According to John Podesta Area 51 is a secret UFO parking lot where Kremlin reptilian nazi agents park their UFO ships to avoid annoying primitive humans taking too many photos with their cameras. He said that if you vote for Hillary, she will make a photo of all the UFOs parked at the Area 51 and show it to the world so that everyone can be jealous on the Kremlin aliens.

Before leaving, Hillary Clinton said that she is now going to permanently wear tinfoil hats because they are the most effective in combating reptilian mind control microwaves coming from reptilians like Putin and Trump. Hillary said: “Now I know why I’m having all those public seizures, reptilians Putin and Trump are microwaving my brain with Project MKUltra! No more my friends no more, I’m now fully protected by this magic tinfoil hat.”

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2 Responses to " Hillary Clinton: "Trump is a Conspiracy Racist KKK Misogynist Alien From Planet Kremlin" "

  1. skreamer says:

    i love how they tell the truth about each other while pretending to run for president!
    They haven’t said anything about the cloning centers so they are still trying to pull the wool over your eyes!
    My favorite is Trump with the swastika on his forehead, that’s where Hitler kisses him!

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  2. LarryNC says:

    I really do realize that I should not feel the way that I do, but I do truly hope to see Hillary Clinton sent to a real prison, placed in the general population and getting her ass kicked on a daily basis. The evil, psychotic slut deserves no less.

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