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Hillary Clinton Struggles to Get Tiny Crowds of 300 at Her Rallies

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The lines were massive in Daytona, Florida today to see Donald Trump.

Over 8,000 supporters turned out for the rally.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton spoke today at Adams High School in Commerce City, Colorado.

She couldn’t fill a high school gym.

Hillary Clinton also held a rally on August 1 at North High School in Omaha.

The gym was half empty when the rally started.

She packed the high school gym with high school kids who are too young to vote.

The kids were wearing their “Vikings” jerseys.

She could only fill a high school gym because she had the kids in the stands.

Crooked criminal Killary Clinton also held another “rally” today in a half empty cracker box in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Its the same thing all over the country. Everywhere she goes, she gets the same tiny crowds. No one wants to see a crook spewing venom at the microphone for an hour or so.

How in the world is Hillary neck in neck with Trump? 50-50????? Sure…. we’ve seen this same pattern before with Ted Cruz where the polls and the media was showing Cruz as 50-50 with Trump or even LEADING in the polls yet almost every time he got beaten down with huge landslides by Trump. Remember Indiana? It was supposed to be a Cruz stronghold, all the polls were showing Cruz as leading, yet Trump defeated him by 16.6%, a huge landslide. Now we see the same pattern again with Hillary, the media is desperately on Hillary’s side, so they falsely show her either as leading or neck in neck. We’re willing to bet that if the elections were to be held tomorrow, Hillary wouldn’t get more than 30% of the vote. Trump would beat her in a landslide with 70%.

All these media people are crazy… they aren’t thinking for a second of what could happen to them for all their garbage if Trump gets elected. They should get ready to fill up the jails. Such dishonesty, brainwashing and propaganda won’t be forgiven by Trump. We bet there will be mass arrests with all these media garbage people and rightly so! For God’s sake it’s one thing to write some conspiracy story about UFOs but this is the fate of the country we’re talking about.  The media has no constitutional right nor role to be biased and to try to sway people the way they want to. Last time we checked the media should be neutral and unopinionated but since they are opinionated and they defend Hillary, we will defend Trump because not only he is right but someone has to stand for him too. Its only fair this way.

Meanwhile the Jewish controlled/owned media (CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc) are publishing vomited stories from a mind with an IQ no bigger than 80, claiming Trump is about to “drop out” and his “campaign is imploding”. It looks like all these stories, including the Khan “scandal” story are written by a one singular person, probably someone from the DNC who then passes it on to media corporations. These media companies then write their own articles based on those stories. Its like comrade Vladimir Lenin spewing some garbage in Pravda behind the scenes and then all the other communist outlets republish the same story but rewritten, with different wording. Interesting. Who might the writer of all these fabricated stories be? Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

What the hell is wrong with the media in America? Sure, all countries have some degree of state-controlled propaganda medias but not like in USA. America has a media equal or worse to that of the former Soviet state propaganda.

Now here’s a photo from the Trump rally in Daytona Arena, Florida, same day Hillary had her tiny rally at Adams High School in Commerce City, Colorado.

Thousands more had to be turned away because there were no more seats available. Now you see what’s behind Trump? MILLIONS of people! Each and every single Trump rally gets thousands of people. What does crooked psychopathic Killary Killton gets? 100-300 nut jobs per “rally”?

The pictures speak for themselves… Ever heard of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”?

Tell you what, F**K all the polls and all the media! If the elections were to be held tomorrow, Trump would beat this crooked criminal in a huge landslide. She wouldn’t get more than 20-30%. The Democratic party is SPLIT. Bernie supporters are almost all of them ANGRY at this evil witch. The vast majority of them will go with Trump, the rest will go with Gill Stein while some would not vote with anyone at all. Only a couple of Bernie supporters would go with this crooked Hillary and guess what. This is not negotiable. They will never change their minds. They will never support lying corrupt criminal crooked Hillary the Witch Clinton.

Here’s a couple of photos from Trump’s Town Hall Event in Portland, Maine.

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    These propaganda papers are fast tracking themselves to bankruptcy.And as for Barry Soetoro(Obama) and Hillary “is insane ” Clinton,they look good for jail.

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