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France is Demolishing Thousands of Churches, Building Mosques

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According to a report of the French senate, 2.800 churches across the country, many of them centuries old, will be demolished as restoration costs exceed the cost of demolitions over the next years. This church, Église Saint-Jacques d’Abbeville, a Neo-Gothic masterpiece in Abbeville, Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie dating back to 1868, was demolished for a total cost of 350,000€ in 2013. The reasoning: It was much cheaper to demolish it than it would cost to restore.

As the number of Frenchmen in France continues to decline due to record-low birth rates, high emigration and Muslim immigration, so do the members of Catholic faith, who are now at an all time low. For many cities in France, especially cities in which Christians are the minority, the lack of interest and high property value on which the buildings stand simply does not justify the cost of restoring the churches. Many mayors choose the cheaper demolitions over costly restorations. Thousands of churches are to be demolished over the next years and replaced with shopping malls, stores, apartments or parking lots.

Mosque on the other hand, flourish. The Grand Mosque of Paris recently got a modern, fully retractable Roof, as it is usually only found in football stadiums and hundreds of new Mosques are built every year for the hundreds of thousands of new Muslims born or immigrating into French society, often with taxpayer money.

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  • Lone Ranger

    Retarded french cucks, what else can you say, Western and Northern Europe is gone, enjoy your caliphate, sane native Western-Europeans will flock to Eastern-Europe, if they want to survive.

  • valleygirl1981

    This is an outrage! Those churches are historical and too beautiful to demolish. It won’t be France any more if they are absent from the landscape. So the French government would rather pay for Moslems’ living expenses (welfare benefits) than use those exact taxpayer Euros to go toward the restoration of these beautiful churches? European tourism will be shot. Who vacations to see hundreds of thousands of Moslems and hundreds of Mosques? Ugh!!! No thanks. Instead of refurbishing the churches as efficiently as possible, they are building mosques and shopping centers. I guess Western civilization is becoming extinct according to this article which describes a low birthrate of the real French men and women population. I am sick. I am sick.

  • Paul Cotton

    Fucking tragic :( The world is doomed now !

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