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Father of Pulse Club Islamist Killer Spotted at Hillary's Florida Speech

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The father of Omar Mateen, the Orlando gay nightclub massacre perpetrator, appeared at a campaign event for Hillary last night – and sat directly behind her.

After the event in Kissimmee, which is just south of Orlando, local news trailed Seddique Mateen to a rest stop and interviewed him. He had his own homemade pro-Clinton sign, demonstrating that he is not only a Clinton supporter, but is actually campaigning for her.

His response was pretty much “yeah, well, obviously I’m pro-Clinton.”

The elder Mateen hosts a TV show for Afghans living in the US, and is a vocal supporter of the Taliban.

This is the universe balancing itself, in the name of Donald Trump. Because surely, if the Muslim father of an alleged war hero supporting Clinton gives her all these points in the polls, the Muslim father of the nations most successful mass-shooter negates those points.

In fact, it seems to me that having the father of a terrorist support her makes it seem ridiculous that she made an issue out of a Muslim father of a soldier supporting her. All Muslims support her, just as all Muslims hate Donald Trump.

The Clinton event’s organizers placed this man on full-display purposefully. It’s their “stronger together” theme. They always try to have as many races as possible, as well as flamboyant sexual deviants, represented behind her.

But are we actually stronger with terrorist mass-killers?

If we get down to real numbers and hard economic, political and social facts, how do they benefit America?

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