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Elections Worth Supporting in 2016, A Must Read

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There is still time to donate to several extremely important elections this year, that will have a profound effect on the future of America.

The most obvious election is Donald Trump. It’s true that he’s a billionaire, but if we want to set an example for future elections, we need to put up the money to get a good presidential candidate; otherwise we’ll get another System politician owned by Goldman-Sachs. Donald Trump should not have to shell out millions of his own money for his presidential run. If we sit on our wallets and don’t help, that means that only patriotic billionaires can run for president. We had to wait 24 years between Ross Perot and Donald Trump for a billionaire patriot willing to run. We need to put up the money so that we own the candidate, not Goldman-Sachs, and so that less rich patriots can run for president in the future. You can donate to Trump here.

Kelli Ward is running against John McCain in the Republican primary for the Senate. John McCain of course led the effort in the Senate twice to support an Amnesty Bill. Michelle Malkin wrote about McCain as follows “…to this day, McCain refuses to admit his own individual responsibility for supporting the pre-socialization of the economy started under George W. Bush and continued under Obama. And fellow Republicans continue to whitewash McCain’s fiscal irresponsibility record. McCain has never admitted he was wrong about his support of:

*The $700 billion all-purpose, earmark-stuffed TARP bailout;

*The $25 billion auto bailout;

*The $300 billion mortgage entitlement bailout; and

*The first $85 billion AIG bailout.

His latest McLame-est excuse for supporting TARP? He was ‘misled.’”

McCain should have been defeated six years ago. He was saved by $21 million from his big corporate masters, but we need to show that we’re in charge now and finally fire his wrinkled old butt. Kelli Ward is supported by the NRA, the Tea Party and she strongly opposes McCain’s Amnesty policies. You can donate to Kelli Ward here, and if you live in Arizona, register Republican and vote in the August 30th primary for Kelli Ward.

Another liberal Republican, who needs to be voted out is Paul Ryan. He signed off on a multi-trillion dollar spending bill for Barack Obama, which has driven America even further into debt because he either didn’t have the guts to fight the Black president or because he’s complicit in squandering money on countless government hand out programs. Paul Ryan’s primary challenger is Paul Nehlen and you can donate to his campaign here. Paul Nehlen has been praised by Donald Trump. The Ryan-Nehlen primary is on August 9th in Wisconsin so donate soon if you want to help a last minute ad campaign there.

In a surprise move, David Duke has announced that he’s running for Senator in Louisiana. If you live in Louisiana, you can vote for Duke in the upcoming Republican primary this year. If you live outside Louisiana, you can donate to his campaign here.

Electing Trump, Nehlen and Ward is important to defeat the entrenched special interests that support Amnesty. Electing Duke would be a strategic victory for White people to go beyond traditional politics and to take a real step toward ensuring that someone will finally stand up for white people’s rights. Sick of the line “white male privilege” from all these stupid social justice warriors? Duke is the answer.

Rick Tyler is also a nationalist and Christian Minister. He is running for Tennessee U.S. Congressman. He stirred controversy with his billboard “Make America White Again” yet his political tactics are no different than Black Lives Matter’s tactics. If BLM tactics and black pride is so mainstream and accepted by the media these days as normal than so should white pride be normal so vote for Rick Tyler in Tennessee. If you don’t support his policies so much at least vote for him because he is a true Christian. He opposes, gay marriage, abortions, common core, endless foreign wars in the Middle East and the Muslim invasion of the West. You can donate to his campaign here.


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