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Dr. Ben Carson Calls For Release Of Clinton Medical Records

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Dr. Ben Carson, one of the worlds best neurosurgeons ever, is suspecting that there is something wrong with Hillary Clinton’s brain health. During an interview with FOX News’s Sean Hannity, he has called for Hillary Clinton to release her medical records to the public as more and more people are fearful that she is mentally unfit to lead the country.

Carson’s comments came in response to a new Drudge Report headline, which claimed that as many as 59 percent of Americans believe Clinton should release her medical records.

“That information should be something we have access to because it’s very important in terms of making that decision – also recognize that the presidency is not a nine to five job – it is extraordinarily grueling and you need to have everything going for you,” Carson said, adding that a mental examination should also be required of Hillary.

“And also the mental capacity. There are standardized mental examinations, many mental exams, about 30 questions. You could get a very quick assessment in terms of what’s going on,” Carson added.

Carson called on the Clinton campaign to disclose her medical records to the American people, which he believes are required in order to make a fully informed decision on such a “critical issue.”

“These are the kind of things that should be open to the public in making such a critical decision… there’s no way we should even consider doing it without having a look at those records,” added the former presidential candidate.

As Dr. Marc Siegel pointed out, Carson is one of the top neurosurgeons in the United States.

Siegel went on to note that Hillary’s fall in 2012 could have caused brain damage that lead to long term problems with memory, thinking, dizziness and walking.

The video of Hillary over-reacting to reports could have been a “mini-seizure,” according to Dr. David Samadi, and obviously shows some kind of “neurological issue”.

Siegel added that videos which show Hillary having “brain freeze” where she can’t remember words or the last thing she said was worthy of “more investigation”.

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2 Responses to " Dr. Ben Carson Calls For Release Of Clinton Medical Records "

  1. skreamer says:

    Dr. Ben Carson is a little slow or has a death wish! Has he not seen whats happened to everyone else who tries to protest her?
    We should start a dead pool on Dr. Ben Carson! …i reckon 3 months and he has a mysterious “found dead by pool”… with suicide note and 3 shots in the back of his head!
    found dead by pool…deadpool…get it……”sorry…..thought that was coincidentally funny”

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  2. Really? says:

    It makes no difference. When they are released they will show that she is in excellent health. The Clinton foundation will make sure of that.

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