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Brazilian Audience Cheers US Gymnast Falling Out of Bounds

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The Brazilian audience erupted when US gymnast Sam Mikulak falls out of bounds.

The NBC reporters quickly came to their defense.

The Brazilian gymnasts took the silver and bronze medals after Mikulak slipped out of bounds.

Twitter lit up with descriptions of the crowd’s behavior as ‘disgusting’, ‘disrespectful’, ‘rude’ and ‘f***ed up’.

Mikulak admitted, ‘Yeah, I got pretty rattled… they really wanted their country to win, and that’s what the crowd is there for.’

The opponents of Brazil’s Diego Hypolito and Arthur Mariano were also booed and jeered.

Great sportsmanship!

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  • skreamer

    Im an Aussie! If i was there, i would have thrown my mobile phone at his head!
    Then shout out ……Merica sux……..”just for laughs!”
    Were like that in Australia! …..Something they put in the water maybe!
    The people you love the most need this kind of harassment!….And we love Americans!…so we like to harass them!…its in our blood!…or its in the water!…one of the two!

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