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Beautiful Teen Girl Suicides Out of Fear of Being Called Racist, Hillary is to Blame

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Phoebe Connop, 16, from Halesowen in the West Midlands, took her own life after fearing a back lash from the photo being shared online.

A teenage girl took her own life after fearing she would be called racist after a photo of her with darkened skin and a headscarf was shared online. This is the fault of Hillary Clinton and we blame HER and HER alone with her stupid anti-white hate speeches of everyone being a “racist” for anything they do, including sneezing in front of black people. Whenever this evil green Parkinson diseased witch has the chance, attacks and accuses Trump and blames him for anything. Well if that’s the game then two can play that game, it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault for this young girl’s suicide. Hillary has incited Phoebe Connop to commit suicide. Hillary is a hildabeast guilty of murder!

While the mainstream media is censoring the fact that the boyfriend’s family is Muslim by calling the family in question “Asian,” Connop’s mock headscarf and fatal fear of widespread backlash gives us all the proof we need that the family is indeed Muslim.

Although Connop had shared the selfie with a group of friends on her private Instagram account, at least one of her friends took the photo and spread it around social media. It was then on July 7 that Connop committed suicide by hanging for fear that she would be forever labeled a “racist.”

Phoebe Connop, 16, from Halesowen in the West Midlands, had edited the photo after getting into an online relationship with an “Asian” male who she never met in flesh. The girl was a Democrat and her “Asian man” boyfriend was in fact a Muslim Arab. Whenever the media is trying to hide a Muslim they call him “Asian” and when people hear the word Asian they usually think to Chinese, Japanese or Korean because that’s whats “Asian” traditionally for hundreds of years. Even though Indians and Muslims live in the Asian continent no one is referring to them as “Asians”. The mainstream media is truly despicable!

The talented gymnast sent the picture to friends on a private Instagram chat, explaining that the only way she would win the approval of her boyfriend’s parents would be if she looked like the girl in the photo.

An inquest Black Country Coroner’s Court heard how hung herself after the image was then taken out of the private chat and spread wider by one of her friends, prompting Phoebe into fearing a backlash.

An inquest heard Phoebe had been working with her father Laurence, 53, to get some money for her summer holidays on July 7, when she asked to be taken home after feeling unwell.

Tragically Mr Connop, when returning home after work to take her out for a meal, he found his daughter hanging.

Giving evidence at the inquest, which was held on Friday, Detective Sergeant Katherine Tomkins, from West Midlands Police, said: ‘From speaking to her friends in the weeks following her death, we discovered that the image had circulated further than she wanted it to.

‘There had been some negative reaction and she confided in her friend, who did take the image down at her request, that she was scared of what the reaction might be from the Muslim community in her area.’

The inquest heard Phoebe was a talented gymnast who had ambitions of becoming a midwife.

Her family found a ‘wish list’ in her bedroom following her death which said that she wished to study at sixth form.

Phoebe had started a relationship with a Muslim male just before her death – but the pair had never met in person.

Her father Laurence Connop told the inquest said: ‘She was a lovely girl who would never want to cause offence to anyone.

‘She had shown me no indication in the weeks leading up to her death that there was anything wrong, let alone anything that would lead her to do this.’

Recording a conclusion of suicide, Black Country Coroner Zafar Siddique gave his condolences to Phoebe’s family.

He said: ‘This is an absolute tragedy for the family and I can’t imagine the pain and distress they are going through, as well as her friends.

‘There is nothing I can say to help with the pain but I offer my sincere condolences.’

After Phoebe’s death, a book of condolences was opened in the pupil’s honour at Windsor High School in Halesowen.

Phoebe hanged herself and was found by her father after he returned home from work.

Headteacher Stephen Lanckham said: ‘We in the Windsor community are deeply saddened by this sudden and tragic loss.

‘We will remember Phoebe as a confident, warm and caring girl that was heavily involved in all aspects of school life.

‘Our thoughts and prayers are with Phoebe’s parents, family and close friends at this difficult time and we will offer all the support and care we can to help.

‘Phoebe will be lovingly remembered by all who had the pleasure of knowing her.’

An area in the school’s spiritual garden has also been chosen by Phoebe’s parents to be dedicated in her memory which will allow friends to reflect or pray at the spot.


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