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90% of the French now Disapprove of president Hollande

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The leftist socialist French President Francois Hollande has a 90% disapproval rating according to the Washington Post, a dirty disgusting leftist propaganda toiletpaper.

Nearly 90 percent of the French disapprove of their president, a poll has revealed. Only 12 percent of those surveyed by polling institute TNS Sofres said they thought Hollande was doing a good job. It is the worst score of any French president since such surveys were first conducted more than three decades ago.

We’re surprised his disapproval rating isn’t 100%. This dirty useless scumbag cuck has done nothing to resolve the problem of Islamic terrorism in France.

They should be organizing the military to round up every single Muslim in the country so they can be deported back to the desert where they belong. Every single Mosque in France should be shut down and Islam made illegal just like Christianity is illegal in Saudi Arabia.

But instead of doing that we hear rhetoric coming from the French government about how the people have to accept the situation as the new normal. Who the hell wants to hear that?

Marine Le Pen will beat Francois Hollande in a landslide and replace him for good. If Francois Hollande thinks he has any chance for reelection then he must have a brain tumor or something.

Hollande recently slammed Trump and came out in support of a Muslim Sharia-advocate Kahn family who slammed Trump for not wanting to take in more Muslims to America, saying that he is “sick of Donald Trump”. Well this is funny, so is 90% of the French sick of you Hollande!

Young nationalist beauty Marion Le Pen, Marine’s niece, immediately came out in support of Donald Trump and said that she endorses Donald Trump for US president. She also said that Hillary Clinton is a disaster.

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3 Responses to " 90% of the French now Disapprove of president Hollande "

  1. angrywhiteman says:


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  2. Lone Ranger says:

    No shit…
    He is a useless cuck destroying churches while importing jihadists into the country.
    Western and Northern Europe is nothing but a U.S. colony nowdays flooded by third world savages according to the Kalergi Plan, destroying European people, culture and society.

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  3. oloha75 says:

    Well what are you waiting for France ?show the DHIMMI TRAITOR .the door .

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