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2 Catholic Nuns Slaughtered in Mississippi by Black Man, No Media Outrage

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Could you simply just stand back in your seat for a few seconds and imagine what if the murderer was a “privileged” white male who would have killed 2 black nuns? Could you imagine the media outrage? Endless cries of “racism”, Black Lives Matter riots, Obama and Hillary would have given speeches calling to ban guns despite having the crime committed with a knife and they would have also condemned this as a racist attack. The police said the crime scene was detestable, a blood bath.

Since the victims are white and the perpetrator is an “oppressed black man” who was a slave just 10 days ago, no one gives a s**t, not even white people and not even fellow Catholic nuns or priests or any church figure for that matter. No protests, no riots, no outcry! This is merely just a random crime report and a minor news blip.

Wanna hear the sad part? This guy was a CONVICTED FELON who committed other horrendous acts yet he was a free man walking around as if nothing happened before. He was currently on probation. So why the hell wasn’t he put under surveillance? People who are on probation should be under constant surveillance. So sad…

The Doctor Of Common Sense who is a strong conservative black man and a Trump advocate, did a serious lash out at the murderer and at the authorities and even at white people for not being appalled and angry about this. You should definitely watch the video above.

Police says that his motives still remain unknown but they suspect robbery could have been his reason. Why would a criminal even want to rob some nuns?!?!?!? Since when do nuns even have belongings or money? Nuns are usually poor and they dedicate their lives to God and to helping poor people. They have little to no Earthly belongings whatsoever. So what would this black murderer even expect to steal? Or was it simply a hate crime like those in South Africa and Zimbabwe where he killed them just because they were white? The two nuns were working as nurses for free, charging no money and helping out poor people. Really sad they had to die like this after all they did for the poor!

Their dumb relatives are thinking about forgiveness. Forgiveness? Where’s the outrage you fools? Do you think Sanders wants your forgiveness? Do you think he cares? Do you think he felt any compassion or pity while he was swinging his knife through their flesh? Unbelievable how weak and stupid white people have become. Simply unbelievable! Where the heck are the Romans, the Vikings or the Teutonic knights? WHERE? Even Black Panther wants to know the answer to that one! They’ve all turned into tolerant geek and nerd cucks now. Have you ever noticed this geek and nerd cuckoldry is only a white trait now? Ever seen a black nerd or geek? Lack of testosterone is the problem, too much estrogen in their bodies.

So here’s a small part of the story as reported by the Daily Mail:

The convicted felon who killed two nuns in Mississippi has confessed to killing the women but refuses to tell police why.

Rodney Earl Sanders, 46, of Kosciusko, Mississippi, was charged in the deaths of Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill, both 68.

The women’s bodies were discovered on Thursday after they failed to show up for work at a clinic in Lexington, Mississippi.

It emerged today that Sanders, who admitted to killing them in interrogation, has a criminal record and is currently on probation.

He served six years behind bars for armed robbery in 1986 and was convicted of a felony DUI in Attala County last February.

One of the nun’s nephews recently spoke of his relief that someone was arrested in the case that has horrified Holmes County.

Merrill’s nephew, David Merrill, said the family is ‘thankful that he’s off the streets’ but the family still has to deal with the loss.

David Merrill says he agrees with the idea of forgiveness and trying to forgive the person who killed his aunt and her fellow nun.

But he says he’s ‘not as strong’ as his aunt, and he’s not sure if he’s ‘capable of completely forgiving.’

Authorities said Sanders was being held in an undisclosed detention center pending a court appearance.

State Department of Public Safety spokesman Warren Strain tells The Associated Press that as of Saturday, ‘investigators believe Sanders acted alone.’

Meanwhile, in the poverty-stricken Mississippi county where the two nuns were slain, forgiveness for their killer is hard to find, even if forgiveness is what the victims would have wanted.

Sisters Margaret Held and Paula Merrill were nurse practitioners who dedicated their lives to providing health care to people in the poorest county in the state.

And as authorities sought the killer, many residents wondered how they will fill the hole the women’s deaths have left.

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