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18-year-old White boy Shot in the Neck During Milwaukee Riots, Media Ignores It

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During the unrest Sunday night, a recent Brookfield Central High School graduate was hit by gunfire. He is recovering, but the bullet is still lodged in his neck.

“This is where the bullet is right now, and slowly over time it should be moving up more and more” the boy said while pointing towards the back of his neck.

Doctors told Ben Olson, 18, he’s lucky to be alive, shot in the neck during Sunday night’s unrest in Milwaukee. “I heard no gun shots or anything before that so every thing really caught me by surprise,” Olson said.

Ben Olson says he was dropping off a friend after attending state fair when they saw the crowds near Sherman and Burleigh and decided to see what was happening.

“All that was going on was a group of people throwing bricks and other items at police but no violence between citizens at all,” Olson said.

Moments later the bullet entered his neck. He eventually ended up on the steps of a nearby home before help arrived.

“You could see in the video that a whole group of police when they realized, they moved over and made a circle around me and brought me back to the truck,” Olson said.

He was released from the Froedtert Hospital early Monday morning, now recovering at home.

“Luckily the only thing that got hit inside of me was a small piece of my vertebrae which caused some numbness to my hand,” Olson said.

Doctors hope to remove that bullet from his neck sometime soon and he is hoping to regain that feeling in his hands.

Unfortunately no one is in custody for the shooting. No one in the mainstream media has reported about this racist incident where this white boy was targeted, shot and nearly killed just for being white. If the races would have been reversed… imagine the outcome.

We remind our readers that the police officer who shot and killed Sylville Smith is black but despite that, rioters shouted in the streets “black power” and “burn down whitey”.

Sylville Smith’s own sister Sherelle, called for violence in the white suburbs. Disgusting CNN defended Sylville’s sister and published a hoax story where they claimed that she was calling for peace and tolerance. Unbelievable! No wonder CNN has dropped to the 3rd place in America among TV viewers. FOX News is now on first place beating everybody else, MSNBC is second and CNN third.

President Obama still hasn’t made a single statement about the riots last Saturday after another armed thug was shot by police, angering the lawless thugs in the community who rioted again.

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