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White Nationalist Activist David Duke Announces US Senate Run

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One of the most prominent activist in America’s White Nationalist movement, David Duke has just announced that he is running for US Senate in November as a Republican. It wouldn’t be the first time Mr Duke runs for a public office. Back in 1989 David Duke served as a Member of the Louisiana House of Representatives.

Back in 1988 David Duke also ran for president but he failed though his policies were quite good. He failed because it wasn’t the right time, back then America was doing quite well, wages were high, criminality was really low when compared to today’s rates, illegal immigration was also low but now in 2016 his message should be resonating more with the public, minus the Jewish remarks as those will probably never resonate with the average Americans who view Israel as their “main ally”.

Duke’s past isn’t exactly clean an immaculate, thus the liberal media always refer to him as “former klansman”. Indeed many years ago, in the 70’s to be more exact David Duke took part of a small insignificant KKK group. He didn’t kill anyone nor did he ever advocated for that but the KKK is the boogieman in America. Grown up adults run scared under their beds when they hear the word KKK.

These are trigger words which now carry a heavier burden then the name of Lucifer himself but this is what the liberal media has been pushing for years now.

You never once heard the media calling Hillary’s Saul Alinsky icon, “former communist” or “satanist”, nor if it would call him that, you would ever see anyone so triggered by these words. You never heard the media calling Hillary’s best friend, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd “former KKK” though he was involved with the boogieman KKK.

Well you have to understand that today’s contemporary boogieman KKK isn’t anything of what it used to be. First there’s isn’t a single unified KKK, its just a bunch of groups where rednecks meet, light a fire up, drink a couple of beers, chat about how cool they are and then go to bed. Today’s real boogieman KKK is actually BLACK, not white. The Black Lives Matter movement has just started to lynch white cops for fun all with the support of the first black American president, Barack Obama. You don’t hear anyone in the media condemning BLM nor treating it worse than KKK. When was the last KKK lynching you ever heard of? When was the last time you heard some random KKK group changing on the streets “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon”?? What about this chant: “what do we want? dead cops! when do we want it? now!” These are all BLM chants.

And NO we are not trying to defend or excuse these poor KKK bastards which seem to be stuck in the past 100 years or something, but the truth is the truth and the truth is that the pathetic liberal media has got to stop referring to David Duke as “former klansman”. WTF is this, kindergarten with name calling? Grow up liberal media!

The media interviews and listens to everyone these days. They listen to gays, transsexuals, black panthers, black lives matter, liberals, conservatives, antifas, communists, basically everyone. No one should be afraid of a debate. If everyone has a right to be heard and listened to, equally and balanced, so is David Duke. So let’s hear the man and see what he has to say.

In his announcement video, David Duke said that he “would be the one advocate for the rights of the majority European American population, which is currently facing massive institutional and legal discrimination and is on the way to becoming a bullied and marginalized minority.”

He also said that he would be the one person willing to call out the neocon globalists on their insane war mongering and regime change projects that risk World War III.

David also called for equal rights for all Americans where people get to be hired based on their skills rather than based on color of their skin, an idea pushed in the 60s known as “Affirmative Action” which still stands in most states of the US.

Duke said he will fight to end what he believes is “massive racial discrimination” against whites and called Black Lives Matter “a terrorist organization.”

Duke’s announcement comes after the shooting death of a black man by white police officers and the killing of three law enforcement officers by a black man.

“Black Lives Matter has gone around the country and advocated for the murder of police officers,” he said after signing papers at the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office. Duke also said media have incited violence against police.

He said the murder of three Baton Rouge policemen triggered his entry into the race.

“People told me I have a duty to do this,” Duke said. “I’ve been warning about this for a long time. When it happened I was shattered. We’re still grieving but we also need to develop a righteous anger.”

Duke, who said he had never advocated violence of any kind, said he will advocate for “true equal rights.”

“There is massive racial discrimination going on against European Americans,” he said. “They’re seeking to cleanse European Americans from their own country.”

Duke said he was inspired by Trump’s acceptance speech Thursday, noting Trump discussed illegal immigration and equal rights, among other issues.

These are all actually good points. We should wait and see how the story develops and what else does he have to say. Hopefully he won’t burn his own feet with harsh comments before the race even starts, as he did before in the past.

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