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Trump, Pence Blast DNC Speakers ‘Not One of Them Named ISIS’

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Republican nominee Donald Trump and his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence criticized the Democratic Party for not talking about the threat of terrorism and ISIS during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on Monday night.

During an appearance at the VFW on Tuesday morning, Pence recalled the speakers at the DNC on Monday, saying, “It is extraordinary to think yesterday in Philadelphia, 61 speakers came to the podium and not one of them named ISIS by name.”

“This man,” Pence declared, referencing Trump, “will name our enemies without apology and he will defeat them.”

The Democratic Party chose not to discuss the increasing amount of terrorism on the first night of its convention in Philadelphia — instead focusing on climate change among other issues — despite there having been at least five terrorist attacks in Germany and France in just one week.


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