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Secret Service Agent: Hillary Wants a Socialist Dictatorship

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Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “has an explosive, dangerous personality” that makes her unfit for the office of US president, former Secret Service agent Gary J. Byrne revealed on the Alex Jones Show Thursday.

Recounting his time during the Clinton White House years, Byrne described Hillary as a vindictive shrew who treated her staff as subhuman garbage.

“She has this inability to focus on the problem. She seems to focus on what caused the problem,” Byrne, author of the new book “Crisis of Character,” said.

“I’ve seen her berate staff that were supposedly friends of hers to the point that they were terrified of her.”

Byrne related several anecdotes chronicled in his book, including one time former President Bill Clinton showed up at the White House with a black eye after a fight with Hillary.

“I definitely think that if she gets elected that the crazy stuff we’ve seen with her in the past eight years is going to look like a walk in the park,” Byrne said.

Assuring Jones he and his family are acutely aware of the dangers the Clintons pose, the former Secret Service member said he predicts a Hillary presidency would be a shift to more dictatorial policies.

If Hillary wins, “I think that after all the parties are over, the markets are gonna swing – that’s my fear. I also think that she’s gonna move towards more of a dictatorship, more socialism.”


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One Response to " Secret Service Agent: Hillary Wants a Socialist Dictatorship "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    It already is, its just not yet fully implemented.
    Banksters are getting endless bail-outs from the FED in the $trillions backed by nothing and the debt is on the taxpayer, the Reinforced Patriot/Freedom Act and the NDAA have effectively suspended the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, police has been militarized, and there are endless wars and proxy wars across the globe wich keeps the U.S. military busy, fighting unjust wars while the traitors at home can do what they want.
    When they will go for the guns its over, its the last line of defense.

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