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Over 1500 soldiers arrested, 190 killed, 1150 injured in Failed Turkish Coup

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Unfortunately we have bad news… Constitutionalist/secularist Turkish army failed its coup attempt. Islam has triumphed again. It looks like there is no force on earth capable of stopping the spread of the green plague.

Turkey is now 1979’s Iran! Just like Turkey, Iran was a modern civilized country with Western aspirations but all of that was stopped in the Islamic Revolution of 1979 “thanks” to Ayatollah Khomeini. Well, Turkey’s Erdogan is exactly that, Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini! He wants to transform Turkey into a radical Muslim nation. The army tried to stop that from happening but it has failed. It was too little, too late.

What is astonishing is that Erdogan, just like Ayatollah Khomeini, has full support from the people who have been brainwashed since he was a Prime Minister. Thousands took to the streets to prevent the coup. The army didn’t want to open fire at its citizens thus it has failed.

Turkey is not a democracy anymore, the sultan wasn’t fairly elected because opposition parties are banned by him, Turkey is gone… Turkey is the next Iran.

Turkish loyalists report arresting 1,563 soldiers and officers implicated in an overnight coup attempt. At least 190 people have been killed, including 104 pro-coup participants, while 1,154 people were injured in military action in Istanbul and Ankara.

Pro-government forces have seized control of the top military HQ building, but there are still some groups of rebels resisting, a Turkish official said on Saturday, as cited by Reuters.

The official told the agency 1,563 military personnel were arrested following the coup attempt. This was later confirmed by Turkey’s Acting Chief of Staff Umit Dundar.

General Hulusi Akar, who heads Turkey’s armed forces, has been rescued from rebel captivity. He was the most senior military official in their hands.

The rebels reportedly have several helicopter gunships in their disposal, but loyalists have threatened to shoot them down as they downed at least one aircraft carrying out attacks on government buildings.

A faction of the Turkish military attempted to overthrow the government on Friday night, employing tanks and attack helicopters. The conspiracy appears to have failed, however, as they didn’t manage to capture any senior government officials and couldn’t win wide support from the Turkish military.

Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on his fanatic supporters to take to the streets of Istanbul, which they did. Rebel soldiers, who called on the population to stay indoors, apparently didn’t have the resolve to launch a full-scale war against civilians in Turkey’s biggest city.

The coup attempt began on Friday night when warplanes and helicopters buzzed over Ankara and rebel troops moved in to seal off the bridges over the Bosphorus Strait.

Tanks attacked several government buildings, including the Turkish parliament, as lawmakers hid in shelters inside the building.

Several airports were shut down and access to social media was blocked in the first hours of turmoil.

The TRT state television and the Turkish branch of CNN were seized and ceased broadcasting.

The Ottoman sultan Erdogan will most likely execute all the arrested rebel soldiers who tried to overthrow his caliphate. Sultan Erdogan has vowed to punish everyone involved in overthrowing him saying “those involved in military coup will pay a heavy price”. If these soldiers won’t be executed, they will never see the light of the day. They will rot in prison.

Goodbye Turkey! Go join the Arab League, not the European Union!

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