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New Narrative: It's Okay to Get Killed by Muslims, As Long as It's Not Terrorism

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False alarm, everybody. Turns out this guy isn’t a terrorist after all.

I’m seeing a very concerning but amusing new pattern emerging from News coverage and official comments on all these happenings. We’re seeing police investigators and journalist emphatically declaring that the mass killers had no link to known terrorist organizations, or that their motives are still unclear.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Yahoo News:

A 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested on Sunday after killing a pregnant woman with a machete in Germany, the fourth violent assault on civilians in western Europe in 10 days, though police said it did not appear linked to terrorism.

The Syrian had been involved in previous incidents causing injuries to others, and had apparently acted alone, a police spokesman said.

“Given the current evidence, there is no indication that this was a terrorist attack,” a police statement said.

Neither Sunday’s attack nor a shooting rampage by an 18-year-old Iranian-German man that killed nine people in Munich on Friday bore any sign of connections with terrorism, police said.

This whole case brings up an interesting question, and one which I haven’t seen asked before.

What is the functional difference between being killed by Muslims in a terrorist attack, and being killed by Muslims in a non-terrorist attack? What makes one totally fine, and the other problematic?

This propaganda approach is completely stupid, and does nothing to alleviate people’s fears and hatred towards Middle-Eastern invaders. So why are they harping on this non-sense?

Here’s the thing. These journalists and government officials are so brainwashed by their own “equality” nonsense, that they believe the only difference between a “terrorist” and a normal German is their religious beliefs or them being a part of ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

Should we let these people in our country? Well, we need to do a background check on each one individually to make sure they have no links to ISIS.

So in their minds, they think the common people actually care about those meaningless distinctions.

But of course, nobody does.

We just want these invaders out. We don’t care about your stupid excuses.


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  1. oloha75 says:

    Germany is gone along with the rest of western Europe.

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