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Mitt Romney Apologizes, Tries to Endorse Trump, Attacks Hillary Clinton

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Former Republican nominee Mitt Romney is now somewhat apologizing his previous rants against Trump, though he didn’t specifically used the word “apologize” and he is trying to endorse Trump but he is probably ashamed of himself and what he did so he’s trying to go around his past criticism of Trump and pretend like nothing happened.

He is trying to avoid using words like “apologize” and “endorse” because he is most likely ashamed of himself and he probably saw that he was sliding towards infinite irrelevancy as no one gives a s**t about him anymore while most of GOP is now at 90% united behind Trump while Reince Priebus is calling for even more support.

Honestly, we couldn’t care less about Mitt Romney! Trump will win, with or without him, Romney is 100% insignificant though its always nice to see the party more united and besides he could persuade some of his Utah Mormon minions to vote for Trump. For that, we will give him credit at the right time but so far he hasn’t done anything so ZERO credit goes to this traitorous RINO SOB.

Mitt Romney said earlier this month he thought Donald Trump could win the presidency, citing Hillary Clinton’s high unfavorable numbers and the unpredictability of the race.

Romney was speaking with Republican consultant Mike Murphy’s Radio Free GOP podcast released two weeks ago when he made the comments.

You have to give Donald Trump credit, he was able to bring a rhetoric and a style that he had perfected over his career to the political sphere and connect with people and become the nominee,” Romney said. “Despite the fact that I and a lot of other people thought he would not be an ideal nominee, he is. At this stage, it’s rougher going, but I can’t predict what’s gonna happen.”

To be honest, it’s very possible in my view that Trump wins,” continued Romney. “I wouldn’t think it’d be by a landslide, but I think he could win. I think he could lose, I think he could lose by a landslide. But, I don’t know which it’s going to be and a lot of that depends on what happens to Hillary Clinton. Is there a meltdown moment, or some implosion of some kind?

“You can’t forget that Hillary Clinton is a player as well, and she’s an awful candidate.”

Who knows, if Romney will behave from now on, MAYBE Republicans will forgive him…


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