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Media Called RNC Chaos But Take a Look at the DNC, It Is TOTAL CHAOS!

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Last week the mainstream media was super quick to bash the RNC and label it total chaos, bla bla bla just for having a bunch of Cruz delegates requesting some nonsense and then for Ted Cruz’s own speech when he was booed off stage. Sure it wasn’t pleasant. It wasn’t all puffy and cute and everything but at least the conflicts were small and short then the rest of the convention was unified.

People were all happy and cheering together… but now…………….. the DNC is here and its a complete total chaos. The American media as usual and as corrupted as the Wikileaks DNC reveal, they are not saying anything about it and no one is bashing, attacking or simply just labeling the DNC like they did with the RNC “chaotic”.

In a Drudge Report-like compilation of the news we did for you, our beloved readers, here’s a bunch of stories from the alternative media which reveal the total chaos at the DNC:

Democrats Build a Wall Around the Podium in Philly (that’s how scared they are at the chaos DNC is facing, yet Trump is eternally evil for wanting a wall with Mexico)

Bernie Supporters Boo, Jeer Bernie Sanders After Call To Vote For Clinton-Kaine

Wasserman Schultz Resigns as DNC Chairwoman – Is Served Class Action Lawsuit for Rigging Primary

And To Think Just Yesterday She was the Party Chair=> DCCC Won’t Fund Wasserman Schultz Race

COMPLETE CHAOS! At Opening of DNC in Philly – Chairwoman Marcia Fudge Silenced!

Bernie Supporters Chant “Lock Her Up!” During Clinton Spox Interview on MSNBC

Soviet Flags Fly Proudly at DNC Convention March in Philadelphia

CHAOS! Bernie Supporters CRASH Wasserman Schultz Presser with “Email Scandal” Signs and ‘Boos’

Dems Turn Against Hillary Over TPP

‘We trusted you!’: Elizabeth Warren repeatedly heckled, booed during DNC speech

SHOUTING MATCH Breaks Out at Texas DNC Convention Unity Breakfast

Bernie Sanders and BLM protesters carry DNC coffin symbolizing death of the Democratic Party

Democrats shout “No More War” and BOO Leon Panetta during DNC speech, Leon then tries to divert hate away towards Trump

Now if you’re watching CNN or MSNBC you will get the impression that the DNC is so civil and unified.

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